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Los Angeles gallery Lethal Amounts is honored to announce i against i, an exhibition of new work from HR and Lori Hudson. Paul “HR” Hudson is best known as the frontman of the iconic punk band Bad Brains, formed in 1979. With unprecedented speed and precision, Bad Brains took the Washington, DC music scene by storm and quickly became one of the most influential bands of all time, breaking down cultural barriers and creating emotionally charged music centered on the message of maintaining a positive mental attitude (PMA).

“HR and Bad Brains to me represent fearlessness and going with your gut,” says Lethal Amounts owner and Creative Director Danny Fuentes. “The first time I put on their first album I could sense them putting their heart and soul into their art. The ferocity coming through the speakers made your blood pump and made it an almost religious experience. You wanted to feel what they were feeling and believe in something as much as they do. This is the exact feeling I am trying replicate with the shows we produce at Lethal Amounts. You can’t ignore things that come across so sincere and make you aspire to be better than anything you ever imagined.”

HR  currently performs with Philadelphia musicians Ezekiel Zagar (original McRad) and Josh Freshy as HR & Human Rights, and is currently working on a solo album. In addition to Human Rights,  HR has been in the studio working with Ty Dolla $ign and Vic Mensa.

“HR is by far one of the greatest artists, writers, and musicians of all time, to say the least. I grew up listening to Bad Brains and play their music before every show of mine to this day. I love how HR was always saying what needed to be heard in his lyrics. He stood for something at all times and was always growing to be a better person while bringing his fans along for the ride.” – Ty Dolla $ign

Lori Carns Hudson is a contemporary artist working mostly in acrylic, incorporating smooth textures and a combination of painterly and true to life details, often exposing herself through self-portraits, her work is about connection and loss. In it, she shares where she feels pain and where she finds healing.

Lori and HR met in Baltimore in 2001  where they began to form a friendship. That friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship and the two were married in October of 2012. Throughout the early years of their friendship and marriage, Lori played the role of wife and caregiver addressing HR’s mental health and his worsening headaches. After much trial and error HR was diagnosed with  SUNCT (Short-lasting Unilateral Neuralgiform headache attacks with Conjunctival injection and Tearing), also nicknamed “Suicide Syndrome.” HR underwent brain surgery in 2017 to relieve the headaches. He made a full recovery and continues to live most free from his crippling headaches, allowing him the time and space to work on his music, art, and marriage.

The exhibit is a collaborative effort in both inspiration and execution by HR and Lori.  The private show opening, for which both artists will be in attendance, will be held on June 1st at 8 pm at the Lethal Amounts gallery. To attend the event reply here or rsvp to rsvp@sideways-media.com.

i against i  Opening

Saturday, June 1 @ 8 PM

Lethal Amounts Gallery

1226 W. 7th St Los Angeles CA 90017




RSVP: rsvp@sideways-media.com




The Silent Comedy has released the second single “Avalanche” from their upcoming album Enemies Multiply out Oct. 19th. At its core, “Avalanche” is the thesis statement for the entire record. Containing the line “Help, help is on the way...But not today,” it encapsulates brothers Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman’s worldview, which is equal parts hopefulness and dark  realism. This sentiment is especially timely given the state of the world at this moment in time.

For the band, this album was born of both professional and personal struggles they found themselves in over the years. Although tumultuous, these conflicts found their way into the recording process and emerged as a beautiful work of art. Enemies Multiply is a collection of 11 songs that was difficult to bring to life, but also a body of work that couldn’t be more relevant with our current cultural climate, to release this album in 2018. The album was delayed for a number of reasons, but things changed after the 2016 election. Feeling bewildered and frustrated, Joshua realized that the feeling of this moment is what they wrote the record for. A certain pall of outrage and desperation had settled over the country and in Joshua’s estimation, the album now had greater cultural resonance.

Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman formed the Silent Comedy in their adopted hometown of San Diego. The brothers spent their childhood traveling around the world with their missionary parents. The family returned to the U.S. and wandered around the entire United States before settling in San Diego, where they moved into a house with nothing in it but an upright piano. It was then - around high school - that the brothers started collaborating on songwriting as a form of catharsis. It is their travels that have colored their worldview, which when compared to some of their peers, is decidedly darker. Seeing the immense amount of suffering around the world really shaped how they look at life, and Enemies Multiply is a distillation of this somber perspective.

The band has two upcoming release shows planned for Enemies Multiply. The first in Los Angeles at the Hi Hat on 10/18 and the second in San Diego at the Casbah on 10/19, which is already sold out.


10/18 The Hi Hat Los Angeles, CA INFO/TICKETS

10/19 The Casbah San Diego, CA INFO - SOLD OUT


Photos, Bio etc. : http://smarturl.it/SilentComedyPR








Anton Lavey Exhibit teaser done.jpg

Los Angeles, CA- Lethal Amounts  is proud to present the Anton LaVey Exhibition chronicling Dr. LaVey’s influence on American culture. LaVey, founded the Church of Satan in 1966 with a belief system between religion, philosophy, psychology, and carnival. At the core of the Church is Satan was the idea of vital existence; rejecting the idea of submission and restraint prevalent in Christian based faiths of the time. 

The Church welcomed outsiders, the LGBT community,  non-conformists  and radical thinkers. The religion was designed for the intellectual elite, empowering the concept of self-acceptance and ridding the guilt of carnal delights. The message was “If you couldn’t enjoy the thrills of life, what is the point of life itself?” 

The Satanic Bible, published in 1969, sent shockwaves across America cultural landscape,   challenging  traditional values, and  playing a role in the conclusion of the Summer of Love. By the time the book was published Dr. LaVey had built a loyal following,  including high profile celebrities like Sammy Davis Jr. and Jayne Mansfield, and from the media frenzy around his sensationalized weddings, funerals, and baptisms. LaVey passed to the other side on October 31, 1997. In the twenty years since his passing, the legend,  lore and work of Dr. LaVey continues to intrigue and inspire,  and his influence has remained prevalent throughout popular culture for generations.  

To honor his legacy of challenging societal norms with theatrics and flare,  Lethal Amounts will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of  Dr. LaVey’s final curtain through a special event on October 31st at the Black Rabbit Rose/Madame Siam’s. The event will consist of an exhibition of items on loan from collectors around the world. On display there will be rare and never before seen photographs (for sale), original art by LaVey himself, original books, writings, personal items, artifacts from the Black House, ephemera, and more. 

The event will include a lecture from long time collaborator and noted film director Kenneth Anger for VIP ticket purchasers,  a Black Mass performed at midnight by former high priest of the Church of Satan, Steven Leyba. Twiggy Ramirez will be DJing the event and those in attendance will include notable friends and fans such as Glenn Danzig, Matt Skiba, his grandson Stanton LaVey, and more.  

When: Tuesday, October 31st  Halloween night
Where: Black Rabbit Rose / Madame Siam

1719 N Hudson Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tickets: $50GA/$100 VIP can be purchased HERE 

Lethal Amounts the creation of Danny Fuentes  focuses on subversive and counter culture themes throughout history, addressing the social and artistic value of underground movements while highlighting taboo topics. Lethal Amounts showcases the extremes of those individuals who have moved culture forward and live on the edge of  and outside of societal norms. Rock ‘n Roll of the past that has crossed over into pop culture fanaticism, street culture influences and cult hero worship. Lethal Amounts inhabits a physical gallery space in downtown Los Angeles that features three exhibition rooms and over 2,500 sq. ft. In addition to the gallery space Lethal Amounts hosts and produces events throughout Los Angeles, including the monthly Sex Sells party,  a clothing line that sees them partner with like minded musicians and artists to release original licensed shirt designs and more.

1226 W. 7th St Los Angeles CA 90017
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“ZAYDE is simply the dark rock child of Imagine Dragons and The Black Keys…”
- Ones to Watch

For his newest single “The Jungle” released on 8/25, ZAYDE WØLF mastermind Dustin Burnett channels the memories of the small town of Metropolis, Illinois where he grew up. The town is known as the “Superman Town,” and boasts a larger than life Superman statue in the town’s “Superman Square” paying tribute to the alter-ego of the town’s favorite fictional son Clark Kent.  The song reflects on the idea of this “super human” town, which in reality is a tiny river town that has become a shadow of its former self.

The song boasts of ZAYDE WØLF’s signature huge chorus’, driving drum beats with powerful lyrics about grit and survival that have lead to ZAYDE WØLF building an exceptionally loyal and enthusiastic fan base. ZAYDE WØLF receives regular messages and feedback from fans about the powerful and positive impact that his music has had on their lives. From fans who used his music in an anti-bullying film, to a Mother who’s autistic children found comfort in his music, to a 14 year old girl who always wanted to get into boxing but was intimidated by the gym. ZAYDE WØLF’s music was her main source of motivation, and she now attends regularly. The girl’s Mother has noted even noted the last  WØLF single, “Brave” as her main source of inspiration after losing a child and will now be walking out to the song when she herself goes to fight her first boxing match.

ZAYDE WØLF is the creation of Nashville based Billboard chart topping songwriter and two time Grammy nominated producer Dustin Burnett who started his music career as the frontman of The October. After years of touring Burnett decided to primarily focus on writing and producing. He found success working behind the scenes as a writer, producer and mixer working with artists such as Tyrone Wells, Us the Duo, Augustana, Dave Barnes and more.  He is also the co-founder of That Sound, a boutique drum sampling company that has become the go-to for songwriters, producers and mixers looking for unique drums sounds and samples.

At the end of 2015, he began working with the L.A.  based licensing company, Lyric House. The company sent him a custom opportunity to create a song for a movie trailer, and Burnett — unable to find someone else to sing on the track — decided to record his own vocals. The company loved the result. What had began as a movie trailer project expanded into something unique: a new musical project called ZAYDE WØLF, which combined Burnett's history as a producer with his talents as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

To date ZAYDE WØLF’s music has been heard in hundreds of films, trailers, TV shows and commercials.  From shows like Younger, Wynonna EarpShamelessTeen Wolf, The Night Shift and Born This Way to trailers for Jack Reacher 2 Never Go Back, Gold, Rio I Love You, spots for UFC, the NFL, the NBA, Olympics and more.

ZAYDE WØLF PR Materials: Press Materials: http://smarturl.it/ZaydeWolfPR

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