Creative campaigns executed through: 

  • Strategic Alliances: Brand & Digital partnerships

  • Paid media : strategy and execution

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Retail Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Experiential marketing


We choose to have a personal and customized approach for each client, each project, each event and each pitch.  We focus on quality pitches, organic messaging and placement in the top media outlets.

  • Media Relations: targeted pitching, relationship building & story securement

  • Coordination of speaking opportunities (conferences & trade shows)

  • Story securement




Developing an engaging online presence through: 

  • Official Facebook Marketing Partner

  • Content Creation

  • Streaming Strategy

  • Advertising

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Email Marketing

  • Website Design & Development

  • Data Analysis & Interpretation


Sideways Media is a communications agency passionate about storytelling and building brands & businesses.  We have been doing things that make sense in media for over a decade. We believe that every artist, brand, product, app,  and company has a unique and compelling story. We work with each of our clients to tell their story,  and achieve their goals  through branding, digital marketing, social media and press. Just as everyone has a different story every campaign we craft is unique to the clients needs and goals. We have worked with some of the worlds most influential creators,  culture shifters.....and those well on their way to reaching that status. We have even had the privilege of working with an actual Beatle.  How can we help you tell your story?