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The Mowgli’s will be releasing a new four song EP American Feelings on March 1st followed by a co-headlining nationwide tour with Jukebox the Ghost.  

From their beginning as a music collective in Venice Beach, California The Mowgli’s have been writing songs of love, unity and togetherness. Their break out hit “San Francisco” brought them national attention and cemented the band as an indie-rockers with purpose and a message. Two subsequent albums and an independent EP have captured an ever growing fanbase drawn to their feel-good anthems.

As they’ve grown, the group has balanced their positive music with songs that give a window into the trials of a working band: Juggling relationships, friendships and adulthood with the rigors of constant touring. This was most apparent in their currently highest-streaming single “Kansas City”, released last year. Now presenting their second self-controlled EP American Feelings, The Mowgli’s have, perhaps surprisingly, found greater bonds than ever before: If nothing else, the path is shared and those sharing it have an intimate knowledge of what the journey feels like.  “This EP speaks to the youth of America,” says Josh Hogan (guitar/vocals). “Being a person is hard, and we’re all just trying to be people here. American Feelings  is a well rounded taste of The Mowgli’s.  It’s our best work yet, and we’re extremely proud of it. “

This theme of connection is woven throughout the EP, starting with the anthemic pop song “Hard to Love” that pays homage to the daunting task of taking a good hard look at yourself in the mirror, owning up to who you are all while dancing your way through it, to the spacey and hypnotic  “Mr. Telephone” that examines our culture’s obsession with gadgets and synthetic connectivity. “We are all Mr. Telephone,” says Katie Earl, “seeking answers from a device in the palm of our hands, but after all is said and done, how much more connected are we? How much can we gain from spending time inside our phones, and how much do we lose? There is a lot of love and knowledge and connection outside of our little boxes, and finding a balance is more crucial than ever before.”  The EP is rounded out by the laid-back song “Norman Rockwell” that finds its lyrical roots in every youth’s disenfranchised America, and a stomping rocker “Talk About It,” that is about forgiveness and talking your way through difficult situations. “Communication is a very powerful tool,” says Hogan. “If we could learn to communicate in a healthy way, this place would be much less divided.”

The Mowgli’s - who began as a 10+ member group playing house parties and warehouse gatherings - is now comprised of singer/guitarists Colin Dieden & Josh Hogan, singer Katie Jayne Earl, drummer Andy Warren, keys player David Appelbaum and Matt Di Panni on bass. The release of their first major-label LP Waiting For The Dawn in 2013 saw immediate success with the hit single “San Francisco” and the band quickly found themselves playing to sold out crowds in clubs around the U.S. and inundated by requests for press, sponsorships and partnerships.  The band’s music has accumulated 250 Million streams and counting, and they’ve graced the stages of major festivals such as Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, ACL, Firefly, Osheaga, Arroyo Seco, BottleRock, Bumbershoot and more. They’ve worked with major international brands such as Spotify, Abercrombie, Levi’s, GM, Dunkin’ Donuts, VW and Verizon and continue to spread their message of positivity not only through their music but through their work with charities such as Heal The Bay, Happy Bottoms and the International Rescue Committee. The Mowgli’s will be playing songs from American Feelings live this winter on a co-headlining tour with Jukebox the Ghost.


FEB 26 Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC

FEB 27 Terminal West Atlanta, GA

MAR 1 Granada Theater Dallas, TX

MAR 2 Empire Control Room Austin, TX

MAR 5 Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, AZ

MAR 6 The Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA

MAR 7 August Hall San Francisco, CA

MAR 9 Neptune Theatre Seattle, WA

MAR 10 Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR

MAR 12 The Shredder Boise, ID

MAR 13 The Complex Salt Lake City, UT

MAR 16 The Truman Kansas City, MO

MAR 18 Varsity Theater Minneapolis, MN

MAR 19 Turner Hall Ballroom Milwaukee, WI

MAR 20 Metro Chicago, IL

MAR 21 El Club Detroit, MI

MAR 22 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH

MAR 23 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH

MAR 24 Mr. Smalls Theatre Millvale, PA

MAR 26 The Haunt Ithaca, NY

MAR 27 Brooklyn Steel Brooklyn, NY

MAR 28 Royale Boston, MA

MAR 29 Higher Ground Ballroom South Burlington, VT

MAR 30 The Met Providence, RI


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The Silent Comedy has released the second single “Avalanche” from their upcoming album Enemies Multiply out Oct. 19th. At its core, “Avalanche” is the thesis statement for the entire record. Containing the line “Help, help is on the way...But not today,” it encapsulates brothers Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman’s worldview, which is equal parts hopefulness and dark  realism. This sentiment is especially timely given the state of the world at this moment in time.

For the band, this album was born of both professional and personal struggles they found themselves in over the years. Although tumultuous, these conflicts found their way into the recording process and emerged as a beautiful work of art. Enemies Multiply is a collection of 11 songs that was difficult to bring to life, but also a body of work that couldn’t be more relevant with our current cultural climate, to release this album in 2018. The album was delayed for a number of reasons, but things changed after the 2016 election. Feeling bewildered and frustrated, Joshua realized that the feeling of this moment is what they wrote the record for. A certain pall of outrage and desperation had settled over the country and in Joshua’s estimation, the album now had greater cultural resonance.

Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman formed the Silent Comedy in their adopted hometown of San Diego. The brothers spent their childhood traveling around the world with their missionary parents. The family returned to the U.S. and wandered around the entire United States before settling in San Diego, where they moved into a house with nothing in it but an upright piano. It was then - around high school - that the brothers started collaborating on songwriting as a form of catharsis. It is their travels that have colored their worldview, which when compared to some of their peers, is decidedly darker. Seeing the immense amount of suffering around the world really shaped how they look at life, and Enemies Multiply is a distillation of this somber perspective.

The band has two upcoming release shows planned for Enemies Multiply. The first in Los Angeles at the Hi Hat on 10/18 and the second in San Diego at the Casbah on 10/19, which is already sold out.


10/18 The Hi Hat Los Angeles, CA INFO/TICKETS

10/19 The Casbah San Diego, CA INFO - SOLD OUT


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“He’s thinking about each person in his audience, and he’s thinking about the connection he has with them.”  - WGBH

Packed with rich storytelling and a refined sound, Boston artist Will Dailey has released a deluxe version of his latest album Golden Walker out worldwide today. The album includes five bonus tracks, three of which were recorded as part of a Live Spire Recording Session at Aloft Hotel on the road. Leading off the additional bonus songs, there is also a lively cover of Tom Waits’ “Hoist That Rag” and the B-side “I’m Not Sorry (I Need You So Much)”.

Using the iZotope Spire software, a recording studio that essentially fits in the palm of your hand, Dailey set up in a hotel room at Aloft to capture his introspective sound in a beautifully crafted live setting. The newly recorded tracks are a phenomenal edition to his latest musical offering.

“...with a ’70s vibe for a modern age — gliding synths, amusing instrumentation, and enthralling lyrics — the record entices listeners to engage with the individual lesson of each song.” –Cowboys & Indians

Songwriters, by nature, look and listen at the world within and around them, pulling it all in and pouring it all out in melody. Music is about connecting hearts through art, and Dailey’s Golden Walker is a meditation on life and how to navigate it within our current cultural climate. The inspiration for the name of the record started with a chance meeting in France Dailey had with a sculptor who heard his set in the tiny village he was playing that night. The sculptor told Dailey “All the gold is being take from our world. They take it all to use in technological devices that are supposed to help us communicate. The gold is disappearing, hidden in phones and computers that only leave us feeling more alone, separated and disconnected. When I heard you tonight through the walls of my workshop, I heard real communication. I heard you. You are a communicator.” He then sculpted and gifted Will a sculpture of a man with a gold nugget on his foot called “The Golden Walker,” and told Dailey that he had to be the keeper and protector of the gold and to keep communicating through music. Since that night, Dailey knew his next work had to be about human connection, compassion and accountability.

“How good is Will Dailey? He wrote a song called ‘When It Dies’ that magically uplifts. A gem of a melody sits at the center of a wonderfully musical mess with huge vocals — the man crushes you with the repeated refrain of ‘All we ever really want is not to be forgotten!’ All at once the tune recalls James Taylor’s simplicity, Ray LaMontagne’s intensity and Tom Waits’ weirdness. The rest of the new album, ‘Golden Walker,” possesses the same magic.” 

- The Boston Herald

This is also Dailey’s second release outside of the major label system. The album is a follow up to National Throat, his indie debut, that went on to receive numerous awards including Album and Artist of the Year at the Boston Music AwardsSong of the Year and Producer of the Year at the New England Music Awards, Best of the Year by Improper Bostonian Magazine, debuted in the top 20 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and garnered over 9 million streams on Spotify. In addition to being a wildly successful independent artist Will has become and artist advocate. He has taken to mentoring artists and developing programs like the Fenway Rooftop Sessions to create a space for independent and up and coming artists to exercise their craft, and to ensure that there is always a space for art to grow and thrive.


***For Media Purposes Only***

1.     Submariner

2.     It Already Would Have Not Worked Out By Now

3.     Today is Crushing Me

4.     Bad Behavior

5.     He Better Be Alive

6.     When It Dies

7.     Middle Child

8.     Everybody Wants You For An Angel

9.     Up to Your Heart

10.   Tell A Friend

11.  Ultimate Companion (feat. Tanya Donelly)

12.  “I’m Not Sorry (I Need You So Much)” - (B-Side)

13.  “Hoist That Rag” - Tom Waits Cover

14.  “When It Dies” - (Live Spire Sessions at Aloft Hotel)

15.   “It Already Would Have Not Worked Out By Now” -  (Live Spire Sessions at Aloft Hotel)

16.  “Everybody Wants You For An Angel” -  (Live Spire Sessions at Aloft Hotel)


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Nashville’s ZAYDE WØLF has released his brand new album Modern Alchemy, out everywhere today. ZAYDE WØLF is a relatively new project for producer, songwriter and entrepreneur Dustin Burnett. His creative empire began with one song by accident and has since skyrocketed to include over 489,000 Spotify monthly listeners with 29 million streams, 9 million YouTube views, 88,000 YouTube subscribers and his music has been heard in hundreds of  TV shows, films, trailers, commercials, video games and more.

The album title Modern Alchemy is derived from the medieval chemistry of converting poor metals into gold. This ties into the albums theme of self-betterment and pushing yourself into something greater than where you came from or how people may have defined you. It is powered by the previously released singles "Gladiator" and "Rule the World" which collectively have earned over 1.8 million streams.  This is a topic of self-betterment is very close to home from Burnett, who grew up in Metropolis, IL a small town in Illinois best known for its fictional son, Clark Kent aka Superman. The riverfront factory town is a shell of what it used to be, and the level of success Burnett has achieved, both personally and professionally, is beyond anything he ever imagined.

The songs on this record are packed with uplifting and motivational lyrics mixed with the epic sonic production ZAYDE WØLF has become known for. “Next Level” encompasses the mentality of what this record is all about. It’s about reaching for new heights and always striving to become the best possible version of yourself you can possibly be. “The Crown” was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. “Higher Than High” is one of the most personal tracks. “When I was young, we didn't have much,” says Burnett, “but I always had a head full of dreams of what I wanted to do with my life and celebrating others. I wanted this song to make everyone feel like they were standing on a mountain with the sun shining bright in their life.” The motivational nature of of these songs has led ZAYDE WØLF to accrue a dedicated fan base around the world. Modern Alchemy has already charted in over 25 countries on the iTunes overall charts and in the U.S. debuted in the top ten Alternative charts.

In addition to being the creative mastermind behind ZAYDE WØLF, Burnett is also the co-owner of a drum sample and loops company called That Sound that has become a staple for top level artists and producers. The business has more than doubled in the past year, due to the quality of their work, making their live drum samples more in demand than ever before.

With Modern Alchemy, Burnett knows that real achievement is in the journey and the struggle. With this record, he is excited to share his incredible experiences with fans so that they too might be inspired by his journey through the music, to reach for new heights.

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