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Indie pop band Kezar is excited to announce the release of their debut self-titled EP out everywhere today. Frontman Jack Mosabcher said of the EP “every song on it is so near and dear to my heart - a dream come true, really. My hope it is fairly simple: that it becomes a part of the soundtrack of your summer and adds joy and love to everything that you do.”

The danceable, hook-heavy number opens with their infectious debut “Tell Me (It’s Not Love),” produced by K-Kov (Keith Urban, Justin Timberlake) that has now been streamed over 845K times and was included in Spotify’s official Love Pop and Young & Free playlists. The track’s video was also inspired by the beautiful aesthetic of the classic tale Pride & Prejudice

“Feelings” was the very first song penned for the project. It will always be a milestone in frontman Jack Mosbacher’s life who, in just a few days, found a new sound, attitude and chapter in his life. “It’s a song about a woman who is totally in control, from a man’s perspective - she is confident and fearless…[it’s] an anthem for empowerment and the unmatchable strength of women." Fresh track “Ooh La La” started as a fun tinkering in the studio and turned into what frontman Jack Mosbacher calls an epic and unapologetic “Stadium Reggae” summer track. 

“(Tell Me) It’s Not Love,” [is] an unmistakably radio-ready pop bop. Blending soulful vocals with a dazzling array of modern indie-pop elements, it’s an electric debut destined for major attention. We’re seeing KEZAR in bright lights on famous marquees. We’re hearing his neon anthems on Top 40. We’re thinking he just carved himself a well-deserved spot in the wild world of pop stardom.”  The Music Mermaid 

At the helm of the band is seasoned musician Jack Mosbacher, the mastermind behind Kezar. He comes from a strong soul background and the more you listen to each cleverly crafted beat and infectious hook, the more you recognize it as the backbone of his newfound signature pop style. Mosbacher also has a deep admiration and respect for the artists that came before him. Using state-of-the-art synthesizer technology, he and the producers added throwback elements from hip-hop’s glory days, like the big 808 drum machines on Run-DMC and NWA records and stacked backing vocals and bass synths reminiscent of the 2000’s Hyphy Movement – homages to Mac Dre, Mistah F.A.B., Keak da Sneak, and Traxamillion. When choosing a name for this project, Mosbacher wanted to stay true to his hometown of San Francisco by naming it after Kezar Stadium in the Haight-Ashbury district. Choosing the original home of the 49ers and a now music venue that played host to music legends such as Led Zeppelin, Santana and The Grateful Dead, seemed like the perfect segway into a new era of his career while staying true to his roots. 

“The song is the perfect combination of soul and modern pop” Affinity Magazine (on “Let’s Talk About You”)



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“ a force to be reckoned with.” - Pigeons & Planes

 Just in time for the 4th of July Speelburg has released his cheeky yet cheery song of the summer ‘Oxy Cotton Candy.”  The Belgian-American Brighton, UK based artist spent the last two years making “pop music for important people,” and "Oxy Cotton Candy”  is the first single from the body of work created in those sessions. These new songs are a departure from his previous releases, offering a sunnier musical disposition that puts a spotlight on Speelburg mastermind Noah Sacré’s sharp wit and unique sense of humor. The track is fantastically intricate and slyly brilliant, drawing listeners into Speelburg’s pleasantly oddball world with jangly hooks and effervescent choruses.

“..... that killer falsetto, playfully arranged guitars and synths and melodies that can evoke Connan Mockasin one moment, and Father John Misty or ‘The Bay’-era Metronomy the next.”

 - VICE on "Screener Season”(the last single)

When choosing a name for the project, Sacré, who has a deep love of cinema,  decided that if he was going to be a creative and put those creations out into the world he should set the bar high. So he aimed for genius level, naming the project Speelburg, to keep a nice and slightly uncomfortable level of pressure oh his shoulders, in the hopes that someday he will live up to the name.  Speelburg’s oddball view of the world makes its way into all of his work from his songs named after famous people like “Gwyneth Paltrow” and song titles like “Oxy Cotton Candy,” that Sacré feels encapsulates the vibe of these new songs: “absurd weird and fun,” says Sacré “like there’s something off-kilter about it but it’s still disco-y and danceable.” 

Speelburg’s music has been championed by tastemakers such as Pigeons and Planes, Indie Shuffle, Clash Music, Vice, DIY Magazine,  BBC Radio 1’s Phil Target, Annie Mac and Clara Amfo, KCRW’s Jason Kramer and Apple’s Zane Lowe. Collectively Speelburg’s music has been streamed over 8 million times and counting. 

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Up and coming brother-sister indie pop duo Cooper & Gatlin have released their second single “Like You” everywhere today. “Like You” was inspired by observing a rocky child-parent relationship, in which the roles were reversed and the child became the parent, losing out on having an actual childhood. Armed with a catchy hook and infectious production from Steve Solomon, who produced the James Arthur hit  “Say You Won’t Let Go” which has surpassed 1 Billion streams, Cooper & Gatlin delicately draw the listener into serious subject matter using the power of a danceable beat.

“It’s hard to believe that ‘Like You’ is only the second single released by this duo. Most artists take a while to find their sound, but Cooper & Gatlin have got theirs down. They’ve found their voice. “Like You” is an upbeat anthem with a unique sound. The catchy beat, clever lyrics, and smooth vocals make for a perfect addition to all of your playlists.” –Affinity Magazine

Their debut single “Break” is an equally catchy and relatable tune about the stoic face you put on in front of ex- lovers. It plays with the duality of looking alright before someone who has broken your heart. Upon its release the track was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday U.S. playlist and the video has now amassed over 612,000 plays. Ultra Records artist Tep No also produced a remix of the track that he even called “one of the best remixes I've made.”

“Cooper & Gatlin's latest video is simple but doesn't hold back on aesthetics. The all-too relatable lyrics and intricate acoustic guitar shine.”  – Popdust

The true brilliance of this duo lies in their ability to blend elements of both acoustic and electronic music so seamlessly. They draw you in with their lush harmonies, tight melodies and playful brother-sister dynamic. They really found their sound when the pair’s family relocated to Los Angeles in 2014 from their hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. They’ve spent the past several years honing their craft as songwriters and musicians by forging their wide array of influences together to create a sound uniquely their own. They recently wrote a batch of new left-of-center pop songs that are fun and uplifting in delivery, but still deeply personal and relatable.

“The duo came in fast and hot, bursting onto the pop scene with a woozy neon anthem for the broken-hearted, garnering over half a million views since its release.”  –The Music Mermaid


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Kezar has released their debut single “(Tell Me) It’s Not Love” out everywhere today. Kezar is a brand new project from seasoned musician Jack Mosbacher and drummer James Small (Fantastic Negrito). With this project, Mosbacher tapped into his affinity for infectious, previously unexplored beats.  

“(Tell Me) It’s Not Love,” [is] an unmistakably radio-ready pop bop. Blending soulful vocals with a dazzling array of modern indie-pop elements, it’s an electric debut destined for major attention. We’re seeing KEZAR in bright lights on famous marquees. We’re hearing his neon anthems on Top 40. We’re thinking he just carved himself a well-deserved spot in the wild world of pop stardom.”  The Music Mermaid

After working with producer Nitzan Kaikov (Keith Urban, Justin Timberlake), what resulted is a danceable earworm packed with joy and romance. Boasting a wide array of sounds, Mosbacher incorporated stacked vocals and bass synthesizers on top of his more rock-leaning influences. Mosbacher described the track as “a song about those special moments that only happen once or twice a lifetime: when you meet somebody and immediately know that this person is going to change your life forever.”

When choosing a moniker for the project, Mosbacher wanted to stay true to his hometown of San Francisco by naming it after Kezar Stadium in the Haight-Ashbury district. Choosing the original home of the 49ers and a now music venue that played host to music legends such as Led Zeppelin, Santana and The Grateful Dead, seemed like the perfect segway into a new chapter in his career while staying true to his roots. While soul will always be the backbone of Kezar’s music, Mosbacher also draws inspiration from contemporary pop artists like Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars and Sam Smith. Partnering with Small on this new project created the perfect marriage of Mosbacher’s sunny San Francisco pop style with Small’s heavier-hitting Oakland R&B.



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The Mowgli’s will be releasing a new four song EP American Feelings on March 1st followed by a co-headlining nationwide tour with Jukebox the Ghost.  

From their beginning as a music collective in Venice Beach, California The Mowgli’s have been writing songs of love, unity and togetherness. Their break out hit “San Francisco” brought them national attention and cemented the band as an indie-rockers with purpose and a message. Two subsequent albums and an independent EP have captured an ever growing fanbase drawn to their feel-good anthems.

As they’ve grown, the group has balanced their positive music with songs that give a window into the trials of a working band: Juggling relationships, friendships and adulthood with the rigors of constant touring. This was most apparent in their currently highest-streaming single “Kansas City”, released last year. Now presenting their second self-controlled EP American Feelings, The Mowgli’s have, perhaps surprisingly, found greater bonds than ever before: If nothing else, the path is shared and those sharing it have an intimate knowledge of what the journey feels like.  “This EP speaks to the youth of America,” says Josh Hogan (guitar/vocals). “Being a person is hard, and we’re all just trying to be people here. American Feelings  is a well rounded taste of The Mowgli’s.  It’s our best work yet, and we’re extremely proud of it. “

This theme of connection is woven throughout the EP, starting with the anthemic pop song “Hard to Love” that pays homage to the daunting task of taking a good hard look at yourself in the mirror, owning up to who you are all while dancing your way through it, to the spacey and hypnotic  “Mr. Telephone” that examines our culture’s obsession with gadgets and synthetic connectivity. “We are all Mr. Telephone,” says Katie Earl, “seeking answers from a device in the palm of our hands, but after all is said and done, how much more connected are we? How much can we gain from spending time inside our phones, and how much do we lose? There is a lot of love and knowledge and connection outside of our little boxes, and finding a balance is more crucial than ever before.”  The EP is rounded out by the laid-back song “Norman Rockwell” that finds its lyrical roots in every youth’s disenfranchised America, and a stomping rocker “Talk About It,” that is about forgiveness and talking your way through difficult situations. “Communication is a very powerful tool,” says Hogan. “If we could learn to communicate in a healthy way, this place would be much less divided.”

The Mowgli’s - who began as a 10+ member group playing house parties and warehouse gatherings - is now comprised of singer/guitarists Colin Dieden & Josh Hogan, singer Katie Jayne Earl, drummer Andy Warren, keys player David Appelbaum and Matt Di Panni on bass. The release of their first major-label LP Waiting For The Dawn in 2013 saw immediate success with the hit single “San Francisco” and the band quickly found themselves playing to sold out crowds in clubs around the U.S. and inundated by requests for press, sponsorships and partnerships.  The band’s music has accumulated 250 Million streams and counting, and they’ve graced the stages of major festivals such as Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, ACL, Firefly, Osheaga, Arroyo Seco, BottleRock, Bumbershoot and more. They’ve worked with major international brands such as Spotify, Abercrombie, Levi’s, GM, Dunkin’ Donuts, VW and Verizon and continue to spread their message of positivity not only through their music but through their work with charities such as Heal The Bay, Happy Bottoms and the International Rescue Committee. The Mowgli’s will be playing songs from American Feelings live this winter on a co-headlining tour with Jukebox the Ghost.


FEB 26 Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC

FEB 27 Terminal West Atlanta, GA

MAR 1 Granada Theater Dallas, TX

MAR 2 Empire Control Room Austin, TX

MAR 5 Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, AZ

MAR 6 The Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA

MAR 7 August Hall San Francisco, CA

MAR 9 Neptune Theatre Seattle, WA

MAR 10 Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR

MAR 12 The Shredder Boise, ID

MAR 13 The Complex Salt Lake City, UT

MAR 16 The Truman Kansas City, MO

MAR 18 Varsity Theater Minneapolis, MN

MAR 19 Turner Hall Ballroom Milwaukee, WI

MAR 20 Metro Chicago, IL

MAR 21 El Club Detroit, MI

MAR 22 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH

MAR 23 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH

MAR 24 Mr. Smalls Theatre Millvale, PA

MAR 26 The Haunt Ithaca, NY

MAR 27 Brooklyn Steel Brooklyn, NY

MAR 28 Royale Boston, MA

MAR 29 Higher Ground Ballroom South Burlington, VT

MAR 30 The Met Providence, RI


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“Bang” marks one of many pivotal internal moments for Alattas, where she asks questions in the hopes of finding a valid reason for her suffering. With the track’s downtempo jazz influences, and of course Alattas’ pained vocals, the track has a palpable weariness. She’s dwelling upon emotions that hit as quick as a gunshot, aware that the reverberations will last much longer. “ The 405

Nashville by way of Denver artist Moda Spira has released “Bang,” the first single off of her sophomore album due out on October 26th. Moda Spira is the creation of songwriter, artist and producer Latifah Alattas. Alattas began writing under this moniker with the goal of exploring intimacy in all of it’s beauty and madness. In latin Moda Spira translates into “the continual act of breathing,” so like loving, breathing is something essential to our daily existence.

This new Moda Spira album is simply called, Divorce. The album is sonic documentation of the  deterioration of Alattas’s marriage. Instead of burying, self-medicating or avoiding her pain - Alattas decided the only way around it was to walk through it and writing the songs on the album served as her guide through the dark and treacherous path of reliving and trekking through pain.

The single, “Bang” is a jazzy, orchestral track that showcases the soul and emotion of Alattas’ most powerful instrument, her voice. “Bang” is the reaction to discovering the infidelity in her marriage.

The album includes a haunting cover of “Ring of Fire,” and showcases the breadth of Alattas talent with her emotive vocals on the R&B tinged track “Four Letter Word,”  to the evocative and intricate production on “Regret.”  The album is available for pre-order  - both digitally and on 180 gram white vinyl HERE, and will be released with an accompanying podcast series that goes into the making of the record. The podcast season is 13 episodes. Each episode is dedicated to a song on the record, in addition to a prologue and epilogue. On the podcast Alattas, who is also a producer and co-produced the record with Dave Wilton, goes into the making of each song along with the story and feelings that inspired it.

Alattas’ songs have been featured on One Tree HillThe Gates, Lifetime Films and the film The House at the End of the Street. As a producer and composer she has crafted incidental music for networks such as  MTV and E!, and has produced albums for a number of artists, including A Boy & His Kite, whose song “Cover Your Tracks”  she had a hand in placing on the soundtrack for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part II. In addition to Moda Spira, Alattas has a long resume that includes time as a solo artist and work with Page CXVI, a band that reinterprets traditional hymns, the indie rock band Autumn Film and Sola-Mi, an experimental trio.

To support the album, Alattas will be headed out on tour with Liz Vice supporting her West Coast tour.

TOUR DATES w/ Liz Vice

10/25 The Crocodile Seattle, WA

10/26 The Bartlett Spokane, WA

10/27 Aladdin Theatre Portland, OR

10/28 HiFi Music Hall Eugene, OR

11/1 Bootleg Theater Los Angeles, CA


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