Los Angeles based artist Bootstraps has released his new single “Evergreen”and announced the release of his third full length album Demo Love out October 18th via HyperExtension and available for pre-order HERE

“He sings with a beautifully hollowed out purpose, seemingly reminding, or taunting us, that there really might not be a tomorrow, but you've got a fat sack of yesterdays that you could spend all of your time on -- contemplating, dealing with, processing until they're worn soft.” –Paste Magazine 

“Evergreen” was written while Beckett was traveling to Europe, fleeing a painful breakup. He was half-awake on a flight heading over the Atlantic watching a nondescript entertainment talk show when he overheard the host say, “such and such is riding a wave of success,” then and there Beckett wrote the first lyric for “I ride a wave, only made to break,” setting the tone for the heartbreaking but stunning lead-off track, “Evergreen,” on what would become his next album. "'Evergreen' is about feeling transient," Beckett told Variance Magazine. "The world I was seeing in L.A. and my own life was like a TV eternally switching channels, riding out waves of relationships that were here and gone too soon. False starts, 'a wild horse on a leash' but still believing in the existence of permanence and finding something constant; evergreen as it were. This kind of dualism, reality vs. optimism, creates a certain conflict I like in my music."

When working on writing the rest of the album, Jordan Beckett, who writes and records as Bootstraps, was fascinated by the dichotomy of the word Demo,” which can mean to demonstrate or to demolish. Getting ‘demo love’ is also a music expression where you can’t let go of a song’s original version ‘the demo’ and you love it so much you can’t see or hear a new take. These contrasting ideas are all thematically woven throughout the album Demo Love.

“Singer-songwriter Jordan Beckett is a crafstman whose folk-pop has a filmic quality. – Buzzbands

Beckett grew up in the fertile Portland music scene, spending his teen years going to Elliott Smith, Death Cab For Cutie and Modest Mouse shows - the influences of which are still ever-present in his music. A friend gave him Lucinda Williams’ Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, which changed the way he thought about songwriting and is an album he still credits as being a heavy influence on his writing style. Music was not always Beckett’s true calling. He was a college baseball star, but an injury sidelined him, and any future he had in sports. He refocused that time and energy from sports into learning guitar and honing in on his songwriting, using the rich musical and geographical landscape of the Pacific Northwest as a jumping-off point.  

His music gained attention quickly from numerous placements in film and TV that include shows like Suits, Supergirl, Parenthood, MacGyver, Grey's Anatomy, Elementary, and films such as Power Rangers, as well as features in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Beckett also wrote the entire soundtrack to the film Take Me Home, which won ‘Best Music’ at the Nashville Film Festival. His music has been streamed over 25 million times and Shazamed over 1 Million times. Bootstraps also found a fan in Taylor Swift. His song “Replica” is featured on the Songs Taylor Loves Spotify Playlist. The success and power of his songwriting led to touring with Mumford and Sons’ Ben Lovett on the Communion Tour. 


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