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The Silent Comedy have released “Enemies Multiply” the title track from the forthcoming album due out 10/19 and available for pre-order HERE.

 The songs on the album are inspired by professional and personal struggles the band found themselves in several years ago. The turmoil had a profound influence on the recording process, resulting in a body of work that was the most difficult to date for the band to create. But, like most great works of art, something really beautiful emerged from that very dark place. Enemies Multiply is a collection of 11 songs  that the band is very proud of. The timing couldn’t be better, with our current cultural climate, to release this album in 2018. “This album is a collection of anthems for dark times,” says Joshua Zimmerman. “Given the state of society today, we feel this is a perfect time to release Enemies Multiply. The average person has become more engaged in issues of exploitation and injustice than we have seen in recent years, and these songs speak directly to the feelings of anger, defiance, and frustration that many of us are feeling."

The release of the album was delayed for a number of reasons, with the main reason being that reliving the pain and frustration put into the songs was like rubbing salt into their wounds, and the brothers (Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman) chose, for a time, to focus their creative energies elsewhere. But then the 2016 election happened.  Joshua was living in New York City and was feeling bewildered and frustrated at the country’s new reality. He realized that the feeling of this moment is what they wrote the record for.  A certain pall of outrage and desperation had settled over the country and in Joshua’s estimation, the album now had greater cultural resonance. 

The title track and current single, “Enemies Multiply,” is an examination of destructive personality types and how they affect the world around us. It embraces the view that mere participation in our society leaves an individual open to a certain amount of exploitation and betrayal. With lyrics like, “Won’t allow my heart to break for every beautiful mistake,” it also stands as a defiant anthem in the face of a bleak reality.  

Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman formed the Silent Comedy in their adopted hometown of San Diego. The brothers spent their childhood traveling around the world with their missionary parents. The family returned to the U.S. and meandered a bit on the road before settling in San Diego, where they moved into a house with nothing in it but an upright piano. It was then - around junior high - that the brothers started collaborating on songwriting as a form of catharsis. It is their travels that have colored their worldview, which when compared to some of their peers, is decidedly darker. Seeing the immense amount of suffering around the world really shaped how they look at life, and Enemies Multiply is a distillation of this somber perspective.


This will be the band’s third full length record and the follow up to their last full length, Common Faults, which has gone through three rounds of CD re-pressings due to demand, and has garnered tens of millions of streams and downloads.Their music has also been paired with gritty American tales such as  Hatfields & McCoys, starring Kevin Costner,  the History Channel’s original series The Men Who Built America, Showtime’s Shameless, and the theme song for the first season of the Amazon show Goliath. The success of the album led to tours of North America, Europe, and the UK, and supporting slots with artists such as The Heavy, ZZ Ward, Ryan Bingham, and Dave Matthews Band to name a few. 



The band has two release shows planned for Enemies Multiply. The first in Los Angeles at the Hi Hat on 10/18 and the second in San Diego at the Casbah on 10/19, which is already sold out.



10/18 The Hi Hat Los Angeles, CA INFO/TICKETS

10/19 The Casbah San Diego, CA INFO - SOLD OUT



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Will Dailey Golden Walker.jpg

Boston artist  Will Dailey has released Golden Walker, an 11 song meditation on life and how to navigate it within our current cultural climate. Golden Walker is Dailey’s second album released outside of the major label system. The album is a follow up to National Throat, his indie debut, that went on to receive numerous awards including Album and Artist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards, Song of the Year and Producer of the Year at the New England Music Awards, Best of the Year by Improper Bostonian Magazine, debuted in the top 20 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and garnered over 9 Million streams on Spotify.

In a world of instant gratification Dailey is challenging listeners to sit and savor the songs on this album. Twangville said that Golden Walker “is generally pensive and restrained, challenging the listener to dig into the songs. Those who do will be amply rewarded.” 

According to the Boston Globe, “ the closer one listens, the more ‘Golden Walker’ reveals itself a hard-won product of that interim. Partly, it’s about current events. It’s not essential to know that the Women’s March of 2017 inspired ‘Bad Behavior’ — it could be a general celebration of rule-breaking — but that knowledge draws the lyrical threads tight. ‘He Better Be Alive,’ meanwhile, is inescapably about the horror of ‘Baltimore, Carolina, Staten Island,’ even without recognizing the title refrain as the words of Keith Scott’s wife as a North Carolina police officer fatally shot him in 2016.”

Dailey started the album as a handbook on accountability, but  as the writing progressed it  morphed into so much more.  Not only do the songs on Golden Walker, serve as social commentary, but they are meditations on life and the struggles, both internal and external, that come with aging and just plainly existing on the planet.  “ It’s an album, Daily says “about being an adult and feeling like a lost child.”

The idea for this album was sparked  by a once in a lifetime interaction Dailey had a with a sculptor in France who heard his set in the tiny village Dailey was playing one night several years ago. The sculptor told Dailey “All the gold is being take from our world. They take it all to use in technological devices that are supposed to help us communicate. The gold is disappearing, hidden in phones and computers that only leave us feeling more alone, separated and disconnected. When I heard you tonight through the walls of my workshop, I heard real communication. I heard you. You are a communicator.” He then sculpted and gifted Will a sculpture of a man with a gold nugget on  his foot called “The Golden Walker,” and told Dailey that he had to be a keeper and protector of the gold and to keep communicating through music; he had to become a “Golden Walker.”

“He evokes a Paul Simon intricacy at times, a Jeff Buckley fragility at others, topping it with challenging folk-pop and a breezy, almost Motown soul flair in the first single, 'Bad Behavior.' The clincher for me is 'He Better Be Alive,' a driving, percussive track inspired by the nightly news. Dailey has a wonderfully elastic voice, a natural sense of poetry, and a restless mind that looks for answers and often takes us to them.”   Steve Morse (longtime Boston Globe staff pop critic, current Rock History at Berklee College of Music)

“Loneliness is an epidemic,” says Dailey. “Content is tyrannical. Being together has atrophied, as evident in our leadership crisis and cultural absurdity. Being present with each other should really be in abundance. The aspect of being human should come first. Yet our limitless interconnectivity limits our connection.” Golden Walker is Dailey’s way of adding compost to the soil for the coming spring and a world that thrives on genuine connection and where truth and accountability not only prosper, but are celebrated.

6/8 Hot Stove Cool Music Chicago, IL
6/9 GMan Tavern  Chicago, IL
6/14 Bourbon & Branch Philadelphia, PA
6/15 Fete Lounge Providence, RI
6/16 ONCE Somerville, MA
6/30 Bath Heritage Festival Bath, ME
7/14 Nextival Crownsville, MD
8/2 Miles of Music Appleton, WI




Liz Vice Save Me.jpg

The mindfulness she brings to the stories she tells on ‘Save Me proves essential, and powerful.”  - NPR Music

“Liz Vice walks the stony road to redemption, delivering tunes that celebrate the victory over the illusions that hold us down while acknowledging the heavy weight of self-doubt and missed opportunities for loving others that we bear. “  - No Depression

Soulful songstress Liz Vice is excited to announce the release of her sophomore album Save Me out everywhere today. 

The material for this dynamic record, that was featured as part of NPR’s First Listen program, was taken from different periods of Vice’s life and her struggle to continuously answer her call to music. The opening track “Drift Away” was described by NPR as having “a bit of the prophetic exhortation of a Civil Rights-era spiritual. The way she elevates an internal struggle to life-or-death heights in the title track straddles contemporary worship and modern rock language.” “Brick By Brick,” a powerful track featuring the chanting of travel ban protesters at the Portland airport, proves a forceful reminder that no one is alone in this world.  "Fancy Feet" which has a  jazzy Norah Jones feel to it,  examines Liz's struggle with the idea of femininity. Through the song she comes to the conclusion that being a woman is not about what she wears but is about who she is, and who she is is someone who gets to bring love, hope, light  and a bit of an escape from the world to people of all shapes and sizes. The beautiful title track  “Save Me,” that features Vice’s voice on top of sparse piano compositions is the first song she ever wrote. The song sees Vice  questioning why she was called into an artistic life, which is far from easy. Throughout the song she comes to terms with the fact that she may never know the answers to most of the questions she has about being alive, but having received the gift of song, she gets to see people who would never meet,  gather in one space with their arms around each other singing her songs; our songs. 

“It's no wonder that the warm, woolen, throwback soul textures of Liz Vice's debut, ‘There's A Light,’ was quickly embraced a few years back. But until she made her entrancing follow-up Save Me (out June 1 on Vice's own label), it was easy to overlook all the ways that she breaks the mold.”  - NPR

Vice has been playing these songs live on tour supporting Rodriguez and Lake Street Dive. She will be on tour throughout the summer, including at album release show on June 14th at SOB’s in New York City.   

6/14 SOB’s New York, NY *Record Release Show*
6/16 Mountain Jam Hunter, NY
6/23 Levitt Shell Orion Concert Series Memphis, TN
6/27 Rochester Jazz Festival Rochester, NY
7/5 City Center White Plains, NY
9/8  Moon River Music Festival Chattanooga, TN




Where Shall We Hang Elena.jpg

New York indie pop group The Davenports have released the single “Where Shall We Hang Elena?” from the forthcoming album Don’t Be Mad at Me due out July 13th.

The Davenports is the long time project of songwriter and musician Scott Klass, who according to the Deli Magazine are “steeped in pop/rock—Ben Folds meets Weezer …leading you to sing along to songs you’re hearing for the first time while stories unfold of relationships gone awry….”  

“Where Shall We Hang Elena? ” was inspired by an incredible 60’s/70’s era photo Klass had of his mother, who died when he was only twelve. He wanted to hang the image, but wasn’t sure he wanted the constant reminder of the painful memory. Klass found this dilemma of wanting to honor the life of a loved one, but also being fearful of the pain the constant reminder of their absence would bring to be a relatively universal feeling. Everyone has experienced this mixture of loss, fear and love and it was this idea that sparked  the writing of “ Where Shall We Hang Elena?”  The song is not about his mother, but a fictional girl, who both mesmerized the family and caused them heartache.

Prior Davenports albums have been released to critical acclaim, the songs of which can be heard in a number of films and TV shows, including the song “Five Steps,” which is the theme song to A&E’s Emmy-nominated show Intervention. Although, Klass is at the helm of the writing and creative process behind the Davenports, he has always looked at the project as a collective. The collective is made up a rotating group of stellar artists creating music with regular appearances by Claudia Chopek (Father John Misty, Springsteen, Moby), Garo Yellin (The Band’s Visit, The Ordinaires, Pere Ubu), Danny Weinkauf, Dan Miller (They Might Be Giants), Erik Philbrook, Rob Draghi and Cheri Leone to name a few.   “

“Klass writes melodic confections that seep into your psyche and stay…and does so with wit and intelligence.” – Pop Matters

Don’t Be Mad at Me, marks a series of firsts for Klass. Shirley Simms of The Magnetic Fields handles lead vocals on “Miranda in Her Room”--the first Davenport's song to ever feature a lead vocalist other than Klass. The track ”I Don’t Know What to Do”--marks Klass’s entry into the world of co-writing.  Klass wrote the song with Swedish pop musician David Myhr (The Merrymakers) while on a “co-writing tour” of the U.S. The tracks “Miranda in Her Room,” and  “I Don’t Know What to Do” were also collaborations, and in this case long distance international collaborations.

In addition to the Davenports, Klass is member of Look Park, the new project from Fountains of Wayne front man Chris Collingwood which also includes Philip Price of Winterpills. Last year, the trio played Japan’s Fuji Rock festival, opened for Squeeze on their west coast tour, and last Spring Klass and Collingwood supported rock legend Dave Davies of the Kinks.


Don't Be Mad At Me.jpg

1. Where Shall We Hang Elena
2. I Don’t Know What to Do
3. Don’t Be Mad at Me
4. You Kind of Kept the Deal
5. Miranda in Her Room
6. Leanne
7. With me Or Against Me
8. Freedom
9. Away From Me
10. To the End



Brady Zdan Releases Secretear





“Come for the guitar work, split by Zdan and My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel. Stay for the reverb-drenched harmonies, which connect the dots between the poppy and the psychedelic Americana.”  - ROLLING STONE

Nashville’s Brandy Zdan has released her sophomore album Secretear out today via Tallest Man Records. Secretear which is a Spanish word for “a secret conversation” was co-produced by Zdan and Teddy Morgan, and features  My Morning Jacket’s Tom Blankenship (bass), Carl Broemel (guitar and pedal steel) and The Texas Gentlemen’s Aaron Haynes (drums). For this record the Juno award nominee dug back into the music she grew up on, 60 & 70s rock n’ roll. Inspirer Magazine said “Zdan is bringing back with this vibe by revisiting what made her into the artist she is today, is the joy and innocence of a time I can personally only remember for its music,” and Rolling Stone said “Brandy Zdan stretches her legs with her solo career, exploring the middle ground between the Beatles, the Breeders and the Bangles.” Songs from Secretear can be heard rockin’ Spotify playlists like “BadAss Women” “Rockin’ Vibes” and “Fierce Femmes.”

“Clearly drawing inspiration from 70s and 80s pop groups like Talking Heads and The Go Gos, “I Want Your Trouble” is going to have you toe-tapping along to its every beat. With its perfect combination of electric guitar strums and drum hits, “I Want Your Trouble” has all the satisfying elements of the perfect rock n’ roll tune.”  — East of 8th

Writing and recording this album Zdan pushed herself farther that she had gone before, both emotionally and physically. She let herself be vulnerable enough to come to terms with the mistakes she has made, along with her toxic leaning emotional patterns, and channeled those into these songs. Physically, these songs have a ton of energy, which she wanted to reflect in the recording, so much so that she blew out her voice and ran her fingers to the point of being raw and bleeding the first week of recording. All the self-inflicted pain was worth it. She came out of  the recording process as the best version other herself, both as a musician and a human being. Leading into the release Zdan spent time on the road winning over some tough audiences of rock and guitar purists opening for Doyle Bramhall and then supporting Buddy Guy on his West Coast tour.  

“Zdan played electric guitar and sang, while accompanied only by a drummer. And while she was playing the blues, it brought back fond memories of another famous guitar-drum duo, The White Stripes.”  — California Rocker (on Brandy opening for Buddy Guy in LA)

Zdan will be performing Secretear in full tonight at Douglas Corner in Nashville. Her band for the show will feature the musicians from the record including Carl Broemel and Tom Blankenship of My Morning Jacket, and Aaron Haynes of The Texas Gentlemen (drums). |



Los Angeles musician, songwriter and producer Dan Sadin, pronounced “say-den,”  born Danny Sadin Schnair, has released “The Way That It Hurts,” the first single from his debut EP. Dan is a seasoned musician, currently best known for his work with electro pop band Frenship, with whom he records and tours with as their guitarist. As a seasoned player and a songwriter he has co-written and played on RIAA Platinum certified tracks and albums for artists such as Sabrina Claudio, Jessie Ware,  Frenship, MØ and more.  

“The Way That It Hurts” : YouTube / Soundcloud

As a long time studio musician, band member, and sideman, Sadin knew that forging his own artistic path was going to be a fresh start with an opportunity to show the world his honest, most authentic self. The material for this project was born from short breaks between long tours, and Sadin found himself returning  to the music of artists he grew up listening to like Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen. In naming the project, he knew very quickly that he would adopt his maternal grandfather’s name: Sadin (pronounced “say-den”). His grandfather was an arranger for swing bands in the Chicago swing era and wrote music for Walt Disney. Memories, in the form of finger scratches on the family grand piano, remain from the days his Grandfather owned the piano. Dan has his Grandpa Sadin’s original sheet music from 1929 hanging above his bed, so taking on the name “Sadin” felt like a way to honor both his family legacy and his own values.

“The Way That is Hurts,” was the first song to come together for this EP. This song, like most great songs, is a break up song. Dan went through a romantic breakup, a band break up, and then went on to travel the world with Frenship, not leaving him a ton of time to process the loss. “The Way That It Hurts” is a cathartic outpouring in the form of big guitars and a sweeping chorus.

The majority of the material on the EP is written from life experiences, but as art is a reflection of the world we live in Dan and collaborator Colyer penned the poignant “Lost on Nothing,” an observation of a divided country tearing itself apart with no solution in sight. “In this song, we tried to explore both sides of the story,” says Dan. “It’s mind boggling that each side feels the same way about the other and yet there is no common ground to be found. The saddest part is, we all want the same things in the end. That’s why to us, it felt like this whole country has gotten lost on absolutely nothing—simple misunderstanding, an inability to see the bigger picture, unable to empathize with or be compassionate towards our neighbors.”

Dan is currently on the road playing guitar with Frenship and has opened for them as a solo act Dan Sadin on select dates, with the next stop being in Boise, ID at the Neurolux on May 1.


The Way That It Hurts

Here Comes The Heartbreak

Edge Of the Dark

Lost On Nothing





San Francisco’s Jack Mosbacher is excited to announce the release of “I’ve Got a Need for You,”  a song originally written for and recorded by soul icon David Ruffin. Growing up, Mosbacher fell in love with music by hearing The Temptations, specifically their original lead singer David Ruffin. Following his time with the Temptations, Ruffin was forced to abandon a solo record that was in the works following struggles with addiction and a tussle with Motown Records. Thirty years later, and long after his death, the album was quietly released. It has always been a dream of Mosbacher’s to honor his late idol’s forgotten work, so he teamed up with Michael Eisenstein (Letters to Cleo, Tracy Bonham, The Posies etc.) and an eclectic array of musicians to record four of Ruffin’s  songs in a classic Motown session style: all of the instruments in one room, making music until they got it right. The EP Whynot, named after Ruffin’s hometown of Whynot, Mississippi, comes out on June 22nd.

Jack’s music is his means of “accessing a higher joy” passed down from traditional greats of bygone eras. “I had a teacher once tell me,” says Mosbacher, “‘you’re either in the lighting business, or the heating business. You’re either doing something new, or you’re bringing forgotten warmth to people who need it. I’ve always wanted to be a combination of both.’”

Mosbacher’s journey into the ‘heating business’ began in early childhood, upon finding an old cassette of The Temptations in drawer. It was a moment that ignited his spirit with fervor, but unlike his idols he hadn’t been exposed to the painful adversity they faced, or the turbulent era that he would himself enter into as an adult. Today, Mosbacher harbors no illusions about what it means to honor their work. “The vast majority of people whose art has significantly shaped my life have looked different from me, and have gone through things I’ve never had to deal with,” says Mosbacher. “There’s a huge sensitivity there. Our culture has, and continues to be shaped by individuals of some kind of ‘other.’ And the main thing that really strikes me about all of it is that I fell in love with this music before I knew what any of that was. There was an innocence there that I’m trying to retain, while also being mindful of my own place in all of this.”

Mosbacher’s background is as varied as his influences. Prior to pursuing music, Mosbacher was an accomplished athlete and student. International affairs and human rights were (and are) deeply important to him. At Stanford, Mosbacher  played on the nationally ranked baseball team and was awarded a special grant to write a thesis on income inequality and oil politics in East Africa as part of an international development program. His work took him to thirteen African countries and led to publishing pieces in Foreign Affairs and The Washington Quarterly, setting a clear trajectory for a career in journalism and policy. But Mosbacher’s family, friends, and mentors pushed him to follow his heart, and it called him to music and entertainment. Once he listened, he never looked back.

Mosbacher wrapped up a winter residency to packed crowds at the Peppermint Club in Los Angeles, and wowed fans  on Train’s Sail Across the Sun Cruise this Spring alongside Train, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Magic! and more. He will be playing a number of select dates this summer to be announced soon.

WHYNOT  (Out June 22) :

1. Your Heartaches I Can Surely Heal

2. I've Got A Need For You

3. It’s Gonna Take a Whole Lot of Doin’

4. Get Away Heartbreak (Keep on Moving)




 Boston’s Will Dailey has released the disco infused pop jam “Bad Behavior,” the second single from his forthcoming album Golden Walker out June 1st, Dailey’s second full length album outside of the major label system. Dailey’s debut release as an independent artist,  National Throat was met with a tremendous amount of success, debuting in the top 20 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, receiving over 8 Million streams on Spotify,  earning Dailey numerous awards including Album and Artist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards,  Song of the Year and Producer of the Year at the New England Music Awards, Best of the Year by Improper Bostonian Magazine, with the icing on the cake coming in the form of several performances with Eddie Vedder.

“Dailey proved to be a formidable foil for Vedder over the course of the 20-song stretch, particularly on a cover of Squeeze’s sprightly 1980 track ‘Another Nail in My Heart.’”

— The Boston Globe (on the Hot Stove performance with Eddie Vedder)

Golden Walker  was written as a handbook on how to be accountable and take responsibility in our modern world. As Dailey sees it, especially from the perspective of a straight white male, and a Father, accountability is necessary for compassion and connection. It is an essential element for humility and humanity to survive, and hopefully thrive in this world. The disco infused pop jam “Bad Behavior” was sparked by the remarkable juxtaposition that Dailey observed in what was considered “Bad Behavior” in the current cultural climate in the United States. Acts of civil disobedience like the women’s march inspired lyrics like, “you best believe I love your bad behavior marching up the streets in every town, cutting straight into the heart of matters, keep me upright to when all is upside down,” to this current president’s multiple indiscretions, lies, dangerous comments and actions, with lyrics like “best believe I see your bad behavior, staring down the barrel of a gun, blacken the eye of evil intentions, holding up the sky until tomorrow comes. Everyone I know is now afraid of waking up to find out what’s going on with bad behavior.”

Fans who pre-ordered Golden Walker through PledgeMusic have been able to get a early listen to the album and the feedback has been remarkable. One fan commented that “the music was so rich and took me through small nuances of five decades, which was appropriate to the compendium of stories of all the risks we take though life. It’s a real gift for those who listen.” Another said,   “what this entire album is doing to me….I can’t well put into English yet. Saying I love it is an understatement. It’s so intense, right at the first listen. I am still shaking, my head is spinning, my synapses on fire, I am all tears and wide smile. What is happening? And, Oh Thank You!” To one fan succinctly wrote, “#WDpoet”

Dailey looks forward to the day when it is proper to celebrate accountability, and Golden Walker  is his way of adding compost to the soil for the coming spring. Dailey hopes accountability is part of a path towards a reality that thrives with facts and truth.


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Nashville’s ZAYDE WØLF has released the epic and powerful single “Rule the World,” available on all digital services worldwide. This relatively new project, conceived by producer and songwriter Dustin Burnett, started from one song just over two years ago. From that first song, ZAYDE WØLF has slowly but surely started to take over the world. The proof is in small empire that has been built one song at a time, and that has now grown to 430,000 Spotify monthly listeners with over 22 Million streams, over 9 million YouTube views and 74,000 subscribers, and hundreds on placements in film, TV, trailers, commercials, video games and more.


The ZAYDE WØLF fans are a dedicated group. Drawn to the uplifting and motivational nature of his songs. For the previous release “Gladiator,” fans from all over the world partnered with ZAYDE WØLF to tell their own inner Gladiator stories through short videos. Saugerties, New York’s Scott Weaver submitted a video of how he had to dig deep to overcome an injury to get back to playing basketball HERE , San Francisco’s Ian Sadler finds his inner Gladiator skateboarding through the city HERE, Malaysian MMA fighter Jace Law found inner strength and discipline through fighting HERE . “The songs are helping people in all different ways” says Burnett. “For a song to start in one place and then connect all over the world to people who speak very little English is wild. These people reach out to me daily and say they are impacted by these songs in ways that turn their week around for better, or the songs lead them to rethink a hard situation…and that’s powerful and humbling to me.”

“Rule the World” is the latest single from ZAYDE WØLF’s forthcoming sophomore album Modern Alchemy due out this summer. The album name, derived from the medieval chemistry of converting poor metals into gold, is about pushing yourself into something greater than where you came from or how people may have defined you. This is a topic very close to home from Burnett, who grew up in Metropolis, a small town in Illinois best known for its fictional son, Clark Kent. The riverfront factory town is a shell of what it used to be, and the level of success Burnett has achieved, both personally and professionally, is beyond what anything he ever imagined.

“Rule the World” contains ZAYDE WØLF’s signature anthemic chorus’ and powerful cinematic drums. Conceptually the song deals with the complications around the idea of the American Dream. In a culture of oversharing, we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others and their achievements, dangling that unreachable carrot of "success"  in front of our faces. The irony here, and of the American Dream in general, is that the real achievement is in the journey and the struggle.

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Former contestant of NBC’s The Voice and Salt Lake City, Utah native Ryan Innes is proud to announce the worldwide digital release of his debut full length album THE INBETWEEN. Filled with soulful, groove-based tracks, the record is now available on all music streaming platforms. Having observed that most songs are written either about the lowest parts or highest parts of life, he decided to focus on that gray area in between the two extremes. The emotional space  where we live most of our lives, and thus the concept for THE INBETWEEN was born.

The album as a whole takes the listener on an eclectic sonic journey through eleven expertly crafted songs. From New Orleans drenched horns on “The Same Night,” the ethereal electronics on “Show Me What’s Real,” to the lush string orchestrations of “So Far Away,“ the tracks are all layered with Innes’ distinctly emotive voice, proving that the in between of life is not so gray after all, but full of vibrant colors. 

As a classically trained pianist, Innes has been involved in and around music his entire life. He also grew up singing in the Phoenix Boys Choir, and in local church groups. Although he enjoyed performing in these settings, the traditional and classical music didn’t quite connect with him on an emotional level. It wasn’t until he was introduced to R&B that Innes began a deep and personal involvement with music that would begin to change his life.

Innes continued his connection and love for music but didn’t start to take a serious look at pursuing music as a career until his early 20’s. Music became a source of strength through tough times, leading him to dive head first into the music program at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, a city that has become a mecca of emerging talent, producing such artists as Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees and Lindsey Stirling.

Innes gained tremendous popularity in the local music scene in Provo, enabling him to quit his serving job at Red Robin and focus on music full time. In 2013 he took a leap and auditioned for NBC’s The Voice receiving a four-chair turn  from the judges. He chose to work with Usher and spent his time on the show being mentored by him and Pharrell Williams, the experience of which was like getting a crash course PHD in music and performing.

After The Voice, Innes returned to Utah to focus on writing what would become THE INBETWEEN, and co-writing with artists such as McKay Stevens and Nate Pyfer who co-wrote Kaskade’s 2014 grammy-nominated track “Atmosphere.”

Innes is thrilled to share his debut record with fans writing “What has been mine for so long will in an instant become yours. And that handoff will be as calm as the creation of it was not. And that is as it should be. It will hopefully rock your little worlds later as it eventually sinks in. I've had my experience with it. The next treasured piece of the process is hearing about yours. Thank you for treading water with me as I've made this. Now it's time to finally swim." 




Nashville artist Boo Ray is excited to announce the release of a new original duet with Lilly Winwood (Americana singer and daughter of Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Steve Winwood) called “Hard to Tell.” This fun, original track is the A side in the latest vinyl collaboration series Ray is doing called “Boocoo Amigos.” The B side is the pair’s take on the classic “Islands in the Stream.”

Having worked on “Islands in the Stream” together first, Winwood and Ray just knew they had to collaborate on something original. “Lilly’s clever like a safe-cracker, cooler than a polar bear’s toenails, and has a wonderful uproarious laugh. She’s a world-class vocalist and smart soulful songwriter. We were hangin’ and talking ’70s music — Linda Ronstadt, Gerry Rafferty, Eddie Rabbitt, and the Bee Gees — and went down the rabbit hole of the Grease soundtrack, came out the other side, and landed on ‘Islands in the Stream.’ We knew we just had to record ‘Islands’ and write an A-side to accompany it.” Once the duo had their rendition of a classic locked in, “Hard to Tell” came naturally, written in 20 minutes.

Partnering with Kindercore Vinyl on “Boocoo Amigos,” Ray previously teamed up with Elizabeth Cook for an original holiday duet that was praised by Rolling Stone Country , No Depression, Wide Open Country and more.

Ray will be continuing the partnership with Kindercore Vinyl with more in the series of 7inch duets coming later this year including one with celebrity chef Sean Brock out this summer. The Kindercore research and development team have taken active steps toward renewable PVC replacements, seeking to be the first pressing plant to offer petroleum free phonograph records in the coming years. By Boo Ray being the first artist to work with Kindercore he is hoping to set an example, that taking steps towards preserving the planet can be as simple as working with forward thinking companies like Kindercore. If enough artists follow Ray’s lead, collectively, they can make a huge impact on making the industry more sustainable.

“Hard to Tell” and “Islands in the Stream” are now available on all music streaming platforms and you can purchase a vinyl copy on Ray’s website. They’ll also be having a single listening party at Vinyl Tap in East Nashville to celebrate the release on Wednesday, April 18th.

Wednesday, April 18
Vinyl Tap
2038 Greenwood Avenue, Nashville, TN 37206
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Nashville’s Brandy Zdan has released “Get to You” the second single from her forthcoming album Secretear  out May 11 on Tallest Man Records. The first single ”I Want Your Trouble” released in March has garnered Zdan comparisons to female rockers who write big hooks like Chrissie Hynde and the GoGo’s.

“Clearly drawing inspiration from 70s and 80s pop groups like Talking Heads and The Go Gos, “I Want Your Trouble” is going to have you toe-tapping along to its every beat. With its perfect combination of electric guitar strums and drum hits, “I Want Your Trouble” has all the satisfying elements of the perfect rock n’ roll tune.”  - East of 8th

The Beatles inspired “Get to You”  is a song about unrequited love. It was the very first song written for the album and happens to be Zdan’s personal favorite. Zdan co-produced  Secretear with Teddy Morgan, and recruited My Morning Jacket's Tom Blankenship and Carl Broemel to play on the record.  For this record Zdan shed a lot of her personal skin and her musical past, letting go of those things that held her back from being the best version of herself. The Juno award nominee went back to her rock roots with this album,  and decided to put everything on the line,  so much so that she blew out her voice and ran her fingers raw from playing guitar the first week of recording. Leading into this album release Zdan has been on the road winning over some tough crowds of guitar and blues purists, opening for Doyle Bramhall and then touring with the legendary Buddy Guy.

“Zdan played electric guitar and sang, while accompanied only by a drummer. And while she was playing the blues, it brought back fond memories of another famous guitar-drum duo, The White Stripes.”  - California Rocker


Zdan will be performing Secretear in full at Douglas Corner in Nashville on May 11th. Her band for the show will feature Carl Broemel (guitar, pedal steel) and Tom Blankenship (bass) of My Morning Jacket, and Aaron Haynes of The Texas Gentlemen (drums). The show is free with RSVP. More details can be found HERE

Brandy Zdan Releases New Single "I Want Your Trouble" + New Album Announcement


Brandy Zdan I want Your Troubls


“hard-rocking new single” - GUITAR WORLD

Tallest Man Records is excited to announce the release of the new single “I Want Your Trouble” from Nashville’s Brandy Zdan from her forthcoming album Secretear, out May 11.

This song started in a very modern day and millennial fashion, in a text message. Early on in their courtship,  Zdan received a text from her now husband, Aaron Haynes (of The Texas Gentlemen),  saying “I WANT YOUR TROUBLE.” Zdan immediately knew she had to turn that text into a song, and not just any song, but a kick you over one at that. Haynes and Zdan wrote the song together and Haynes plays drums on the track.

Secretear Zdan’s sophomore album, is a Spanish word for a confidential conversation or secret. It was co-produced by Zdan and Teddy Morgan (John Oates, Trace Adkins, Carl Broemel), featuring a rhythm section comprised of Haynes on drums and My Morning Jacket’s Tom Blankenship on bass and Carl Broemel on pedal steel and guitar. These new songs see Zdan stepping back into her rock roots and the music she grew up on (60’s and 70’s rock n roll). For this album Zdan shed a lot of her personal skin and musical past, letting go of those things that held her back from being the best version of herself. She really put everything on the line for this record and gave all of herself, so much so that she blew out her voice and ran her fingers raw from playing guitar the first week of recording.

Zdan who now calls Nashville home is a native of Canada. She has honed her craft  writing mature indie-rock and pop songs with hauntingly gorgeous melodies and edgy arrangements, in Winnipeg as half of the critically acclaimed gothic folk/roots duo Twilight Hotel. The duo went on to have two albums nominated for prestigious Juno Awards. Upon coming to the U.S. Zdan landed in Austin, joining the all-girl Americana outfit, The Trishas, where she acted as lead guitarist and utility player (lap steel, accordion), before moving on to a solo career. To support this new single Zdan just finished up a tour  with Doyle Bramhall, and will head out on the road with Buddy Guy later this month.

MAR 9  Chandler PAC Chandler, AZ**MAR 11 The Novo Los Angeles, CA**
MAR 12 California Center for the Arts Escondido, CA**
MAR 14 Musco Center for the Arts Orange, CA**
MAR 18 Luther Burbank Center Santa Rosa, CA**
MAR 22 Crest Theatre Sacramento, CA**
**w/ Buddy Guy







Just in time for Halloween  STAL has released the incredible new track “Fresh Blood.” from the eponymous  EP due out next year.  STAL translates to steel in more than a few languages. As a result, the word conjures feelings of coldness and evokes imagery of a modern, industrial life. On the new EP  Pierre-Marie Maulini, the creative force behind  STAL,  strikes the perfect balance between the cold, sleek varnish of this picture and something decidedly more harmonious and human. With the help producer Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Mute Math, Night Riots) STAL was able to craft the perfect example of how one can keep their humanity in the age of twenty first century digitalism.


Maulinin got his start very young and his first project was a  post-rock effort influenced by Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky called A Red Season Shade. The project lead to him developing a close friendship with local shoegaze icon Anthony Gonzalez. Gonzalez asked Pierre him to come and play guitars and synths as part of M83 for the tour following the release of their fifth album Saturdays = Youth. The band spent almost 2 years traveling around the world, opening for bands such as Kings Of Leon in the UK or Midnight Juggernauts in Australia, and of course headlining sold out shows all over America.

Touring with M83  is where Maulini was first exposed to the world of synths, keyboards and other electronic elements that would soon be so prevalent in the music he would create. Upon his return home from the tour, Maulini wanted to delve deeper into this new world of musical possibilities he had discovered. Still, Maulini hadn’t forgotten his roots and a lot of the guitar work on which he first made a name for himself would remain integral to the new songs he was writing. Post rock is “all about atmosphere” says Maulini, who pulling on his background in the genre, strives to bring an air degree of epicness into his new work. Maulini released first experimental demos from STAL in 2011, and since then release and  EP, We Are Two (2012), and his debut full-length, Young Hearts (2015). The releases were followed  by touring with acts like Nothing But Thieves and Matt & Kim.

Maulini took a huge leap faith this year relocating from Paris to Los Angeles, and the location and cultural shift is ever present in the new material. Palmquist who was a fan of STAL, bonded with  Maulini  immediately over their shared love of Emo. Working with Palmquist would instilled in Maulini the need for diligence in the recording studio. Prior recordings for STAL were a very straightforward process, with a great deal of spontaneity and clumsiness, for Fresh Blood there were countless hours of pre-production. The initial days in the studio consisted solely of listening to the artist and producer’s greatest influences, as well as, Top 40 pop and rock. This led to an extended demoing session that saw their creative direction pulled in many different ways before the two settled on a final vision for the EP. Lyrically, Fresh Blood shows just how much maturity Maulini has gained over the past few years. While he speaks largely to the true and simple happiness one can find in life, love and hope, there is certainly a new level of profundity to his lyrics.

The Crime
Jump With Me
Fresh Blood

When Words Are Not Enough

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