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Boston artist  Will Dailey has released Golden Walker, an 11 song meditation on life and how to navigate it within our current cultural climate. Golden Walker is Dailey’s second album released outside of the major label system. The album is a follow up to National Throat, his indie debut, that went on to receive numerous awards including Album and Artist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards, Song of the Year and Producer of the Year at the New England Music Awards, Best of the Year by Improper Bostonian Magazine, debuted in the top 20 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and garnered over 9 Million streams on Spotify.

In a world of instant gratification Dailey is challenging listeners to sit and savor the songs on this album. Twangville said that Golden Walker “is generally pensive and restrained, challenging the listener to dig into the songs. Those who do will be amply rewarded.” 

According to the Boston Globe, “ the closer one listens, the more ‘Golden Walker’ reveals itself a hard-won product of that interim. Partly, it’s about current events. It’s not essential to know that the Women’s March of 2017 inspired ‘Bad Behavior’ — it could be a general celebration of rule-breaking — but that knowledge draws the lyrical threads tight. ‘He Better Be Alive,’ meanwhile, is inescapably about the horror of ‘Baltimore, Carolina, Staten Island,’ even without recognizing the title refrain as the words of Keith Scott’s wife as a North Carolina police officer fatally shot him in 2016.”

Dailey started the album as a handbook on accountability, but  as the writing progressed it  morphed into so much more.  Not only do the songs on Golden Walker, serve as social commentary, but they are meditations on life and the struggles, both internal and external, that come with aging and just plainly existing on the planet.  “ It’s an album, Daily says “about being an adult and feeling like a lost child.”

The idea for this album was sparked  by a once in a lifetime interaction Dailey had a with a sculptor in France who heard his set in the tiny village Dailey was playing one night several years ago. The sculptor told Dailey “All the gold is being take from our world. They take it all to use in technological devices that are supposed to help us communicate. The gold is disappearing, hidden in phones and computers that only leave us feeling more alone, separated and disconnected. When I heard you tonight through the walls of my workshop, I heard real communication. I heard you. You are a communicator.” He then sculpted and gifted Will a sculpture of a man with a gold nugget on  his foot called “The Golden Walker,” and told Dailey that he had to be a keeper and protector of the gold and to keep communicating through music; he had to become a “Golden Walker.”

“He evokes a Paul Simon intricacy at times, a Jeff Buckley fragility at others, topping it with challenging folk-pop and a breezy, almost Motown soul flair in the first single, 'Bad Behavior.' The clincher for me is 'He Better Be Alive,' a driving, percussive track inspired by the nightly news. Dailey has a wonderfully elastic voice, a natural sense of poetry, and a restless mind that looks for answers and often takes us to them.”   Steve Morse (longtime Boston Globe staff pop critic, current Rock History at Berklee College of Music)

“Loneliness is an epidemic,” says Dailey. “Content is tyrannical. Being together has atrophied, as evident in our leadership crisis and cultural absurdity. Being present with each other should really be in abundance. The aspect of being human should come first. Yet our limitless interconnectivity limits our connection.” Golden Walker is Dailey’s way of adding compost to the soil for the coming spring and a world that thrives on genuine connection and where truth and accountability not only prosper, but are celebrated.

6/8 Hot Stove Cool Music Chicago, IL
6/9 GMan Tavern  Chicago, IL
6/14 Bourbon & Branch Philadelphia, PA
6/15 Fete Lounge Providence, RI
6/16 ONCE Somerville, MA
6/30 Bath Heritage Festival Bath, ME
7/14 Nextival Crownsville, MD
8/2 Miles of Music Appleton, WI




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The mindfulness she brings to the stories she tells on ‘Save Me proves essential, and powerful.”  - NPR Music

“Liz Vice walks the stony road to redemption, delivering tunes that celebrate the victory over the illusions that hold us down while acknowledging the heavy weight of self-doubt and missed opportunities for loving others that we bear. “  - No Depression

Soulful songstress Liz Vice is excited to announce the release of her sophomore album Save Me out everywhere today. 

The material for this dynamic record, that was featured as part of NPR’s First Listen program, was taken from different periods of Vice’s life and her struggle to continuously answer her call to music. The opening track “Drift Away” was described by NPR as having “a bit of the prophetic exhortation of a Civil Rights-era spiritual. The way she elevates an internal struggle to life-or-death heights in the title track straddles contemporary worship and modern rock language.” “Brick By Brick,” a powerful track featuring the chanting of travel ban protesters at the Portland airport, proves a forceful reminder that no one is alone in this world.  "Fancy Feet" which has a  jazzy Norah Jones feel to it,  examines Liz's struggle with the idea of femininity. Through the song she comes to the conclusion that being a woman is not about what she wears but is about who she is, and who she is is someone who gets to bring love, hope, light  and a bit of an escape from the world to people of all shapes and sizes. The beautiful title track  “Save Me,” that features Vice’s voice on top of sparse piano compositions is the first song she ever wrote. The song sees Vice  questioning why she was called into an artistic life, which is far from easy. Throughout the song she comes to terms with the fact that she may never know the answers to most of the questions she has about being alive, but having received the gift of song, she gets to see people who would never meet,  gather in one space with their arms around each other singing her songs; our songs. 

“It's no wonder that the warm, woolen, throwback soul textures of Liz Vice's debut, ‘There's A Light,’ was quickly embraced a few years back. But until she made her entrancing follow-up Save Me (out June 1 on Vice's own label), it was easy to overlook all the ways that she breaks the mold.”  - NPR

Vice has been playing these songs live on tour supporting Rodriguez and Lake Street Dive. She will be on tour throughout the summer, including at album release show on June 14th at SOB’s in New York City.   

6/14 SOB’s New York, NY *Record Release Show*
6/16 Mountain Jam Hunter, NY
6/23 Levitt Shell Orion Concert Series Memphis, TN
6/27 Rochester Jazz Festival Rochester, NY
7/5 City Center White Plains, NY
9/8  Moon River Music Festival Chattanooga, TN


Brady Zdan Releases Secretear





“Come for the guitar work, split by Zdan and My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel. Stay for the reverb-drenched harmonies, which connect the dots between the poppy and the psychedelic Americana.”  - ROLLING STONE

Nashville’s Brandy Zdan has released her sophomore album Secretear out today via Tallest Man Records. Secretear which is a Spanish word for “a secret conversation” was co-produced by Zdan and Teddy Morgan, and features  My Morning Jacket’s Tom Blankenship (bass), Carl Broemel (guitar and pedal steel) and The Texas Gentlemen’s Aaron Haynes (drums). For this record the Juno award nominee dug back into the music she grew up on, 60 & 70s rock n’ roll. Inspirer Magazine said “Zdan is bringing back with this vibe by revisiting what made her into the artist she is today, is the joy and innocence of a time I can personally only remember for its music,” and Rolling Stone said “Brandy Zdan stretches her legs with her solo career, exploring the middle ground between the Beatles, the Breeders and the Bangles.” Songs from Secretear can be heard rockin’ Spotify playlists like “BadAss Women” “Rockin’ Vibes” and “Fierce Femmes.”

“Clearly drawing inspiration from 70s and 80s pop groups like Talking Heads and The Go Gos, “I Want Your Trouble” is going to have you toe-tapping along to its every beat. With its perfect combination of electric guitar strums and drum hits, “I Want Your Trouble” has all the satisfying elements of the perfect rock n’ roll tune.”  — East of 8th

Writing and recording this album Zdan pushed herself farther that she had gone before, both emotionally and physically. She let herself be vulnerable enough to come to terms with the mistakes she has made, along with her toxic leaning emotional patterns, and channeled those into these songs. Physically, these songs have a ton of energy, which she wanted to reflect in the recording, so much so that she blew out her voice and ran her fingers to the point of being raw and bleeding the first week of recording. All the self-inflicted pain was worth it. She came out of  the recording process as the best version other herself, both as a musician and a human being. Leading into the release Zdan spent time on the road winning over some tough audiences of rock and guitar purists opening for Doyle Bramhall and then supporting Buddy Guy on his West Coast tour.  

“Zdan played electric guitar and sang, while accompanied only by a drummer. And while she was playing the blues, it brought back fond memories of another famous guitar-drum duo, The White Stripes.”  — California Rocker (on Brandy opening for Buddy Guy in LA)

Zdan will be performing Secretear in full tonight at Douglas Corner in Nashville. Her band for the show will feature the musicians from the record including Carl Broemel and Tom Blankenship of My Morning Jacket, and Aaron Haynes of The Texas Gentlemen (drums). |