Just in time for Halloween  STAL has released the incredible new track “Fresh Blood.” from the eponymous  EP due out next year.  STAL translates to steel in more than a few languages. As a result, the word conjures feelings of coldness and evokes imagery of a modern, industrial life. On the new EP  Pierre-Marie Maulini, the creative force behind  STAL,  strikes the perfect balance between the cold, sleek varnish of this picture and something decidedly more harmonious and human. With the help producer Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Mute Math, Night Riots) STAL was able to craft the perfect example of how one can keep their humanity in the age of twenty first century digitalism.


Maulinin got his start very young and his first project was a  post-rock effort influenced by Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky called A Red Season Shade. The project lead to him developing a close friendship with local shoegaze icon Anthony Gonzalez. Gonzalez asked Pierre him to come and play guitars and synths as part of M83 for the tour following the release of their fifth album Saturdays = Youth. The band spent almost 2 years traveling around the world, opening for bands such as Kings Of Leon in the UK or Midnight Juggernauts in Australia, and of course headlining sold out shows all over America.

Touring with M83  is where Maulini was first exposed to the world of synths, keyboards and other electronic elements that would soon be so prevalent in the music he would create. Upon his return home from the tour, Maulini wanted to delve deeper into this new world of musical possibilities he had discovered. Still, Maulini hadn’t forgotten his roots and a lot of the guitar work on which he first made a name for himself would remain integral to the new songs he was writing. Post rock is “all about atmosphere” says Maulini, who pulling on his background in the genre, strives to bring an air degree of epicness into his new work. Maulini released first experimental demos from STAL in 2011, and since then release and  EP, We Are Two (2012), and his debut full-length, Young Hearts (2015). The releases were followed  by touring with acts like Nothing But Thieves and Matt & Kim.

Maulini took a huge leap faith this year relocating from Paris to Los Angeles, and the location and cultural shift is ever present in the new material. Palmquist who was a fan of STAL, bonded with  Maulini  immediately over their shared love of Emo. Working with Palmquist would instilled in Maulini the need for diligence in the recording studio. Prior recordings for STAL were a very straightforward process, with a great deal of spontaneity and clumsiness, for Fresh Blood there were countless hours of pre-production. The initial days in the studio consisted solely of listening to the artist and producer’s greatest influences, as well as, Top 40 pop and rock. This led to an extended demoing session that saw their creative direction pulled in many different ways before the two settled on a final vision for the EP. Lyrically, Fresh Blood shows just how much maturity Maulini has gained over the past few years. While he speaks largely to the true and simple happiness one can find in life, love and hope, there is certainly a new level of profundity to his lyrics.

The Crime
Jump With Me
Fresh Blood

When Words Are Not Enough

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