Former contestant of NBC’s The Voice and Salt Lake City, Utah native Ryan Innes is proud to announce the worldwide digital release of his debut full length album THE INBETWEEN. Filled with soulful, groove-based tracks, the record is now available on all music streaming platforms. Having observed that most songs are written either about the lowest parts or highest parts of life, he decided to focus on that gray area in between the two extremes. The emotional space  where we live most of our lives, and thus the concept for THE INBETWEEN was born.

The album as a whole takes the listener on an eclectic sonic journey through eleven expertly crafted songs. From New Orleans drenched horns on “The Same Night,” the ethereal electronics on “Show Me What’s Real,” to the lush string orchestrations of “So Far Away,“ the tracks are all layered with Innes’ distinctly emotive voice, proving that the in between of life is not so gray after all, but full of vibrant colors. 

As a classically trained pianist, Innes has been involved in and around music his entire life. He also grew up singing in the Phoenix Boys Choir, and in local church groups. Although he enjoyed performing in these settings, the traditional and classical music didn’t quite connect with him on an emotional level. It wasn’t until he was introduced to R&B that Innes began a deep and personal involvement with music that would begin to change his life.

Innes continued his connection and love for music but didn’t start to take a serious look at pursuing music as a career until his early 20’s. Music became a source of strength through tough times, leading him to dive head first into the music program at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, a city that has become a mecca of emerging talent, producing such artists as Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees and Lindsey Stirling.

Innes gained tremendous popularity in the local music scene in Provo, enabling him to quit his serving job at Red Robin and focus on music full time. In 2013 he took a leap and auditioned for NBC’s The Voice receiving a four-chair turn  from the judges. He chose to work with Usher and spent his time on the show being mentored by him and Pharrell Williams, the experience of which was like getting a crash course PHD in music and performing.

After The Voice, Innes returned to Utah to focus on writing what would become THE INBETWEEN, and co-writing with artists such as McKay Stevens and Nate Pyfer who co-wrote Kaskade’s 2014 grammy-nominated track “Atmosphere.”

Innes is thrilled to share his debut record with fans writing “What has been mine for so long will in an instant become yours. And that handoff will be as calm as the creation of it was not. And that is as it should be. It will hopefully rock your little worlds later as it eventually sinks in. I've had my experience with it. The next treasured piece of the process is hearing about yours. Thank you for treading water with me as I've made this. Now it's time to finally swim."