Boston’s Will Dailey has released the disco infused pop jam “Bad Behavior,” the second single from his forthcoming album Golden Walker out June 1st, Dailey’s second full length album outside of the major label system. Dailey’s debut release as an independent artist,  National Throat was met with a tremendous amount of success, debuting in the top 20 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, receiving over 8 Million streams on Spotify,  earning Dailey numerous awards including Album and Artist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards,  Song of the Year and Producer of the Year at the New England Music Awards, Best of the Year by Improper Bostonian Magazine, with the icing on the cake coming in the form of several performances with Eddie Vedder.

“Dailey proved to be a formidable foil for Vedder over the course of the 20-song stretch, particularly on a cover of Squeeze’s sprightly 1980 track ‘Another Nail in My Heart.’”

— The Boston Globe (on the Hot Stove performance with Eddie Vedder)

Golden Walker  was written as a handbook on how to be accountable and take responsibility in our modern world. As Dailey sees it, especially from the perspective of a straight white male, and a Father, accountability is necessary for compassion and connection. It is an essential element for humility and humanity to survive, and hopefully thrive in this world. The disco infused pop jam “Bad Behavior” was sparked by the remarkable juxtaposition that Dailey observed in what was considered “Bad Behavior” in the current cultural climate in the United States. Acts of civil disobedience like the women’s march inspired lyrics like, “you best believe I love your bad behavior marching up the streets in every town, cutting straight into the heart of matters, keep me upright to when all is upside down,” to this current president’s multiple indiscretions, lies, dangerous comments and actions, with lyrics like “best believe I see your bad behavior, staring down the barrel of a gun, blacken the eye of evil intentions, holding up the sky until tomorrow comes. Everyone I know is now afraid of waking up to find out what’s going on with bad behavior.”

Fans who pre-ordered Golden Walker through PledgeMusic have been able to get a early listen to the album and the feedback has been remarkable. One fan commented that “the music was so rich and took me through small nuances of five decades, which was appropriate to the compendium of stories of all the risks we take though life. It’s a real gift for those who listen.” Another said,   “what this entire album is doing to me….I can’t well put into English yet. Saying I love it is an understatement. It’s so intense, right at the first listen. I am still shaking, my head is spinning, my synapses on fire, I am all tears and wide smile. What is happening? And, Oh Thank You!” To one fan succinctly wrote, “#WDpoet”

Dailey looks forward to the day when it is proper to celebrate accountability, and Golden Walker  is his way of adding compost to the soil for the coming spring. Dailey hopes accountability is part of a path towards a reality that thrives with facts and truth.


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Nashville’s ZAYDE WØLF has released the epic and powerful single “Rule the World,” available on all digital services worldwide. This relatively new project, conceived by producer and songwriter Dustin Burnett, started from one song just over two years ago. From that first song, ZAYDE WØLF has slowly but surely started to take over the world. The proof is in small empire that has been built one song at a time, and that has now grown to 430,000 Spotify monthly listeners with over 22 Million streams, over 9 million YouTube views and 74,000 subscribers, and hundreds on placements in film, TV, trailers, commercials, video games and more.


The ZAYDE WØLF fans are a dedicated group. Drawn to the uplifting and motivational nature of his songs. For the previous release “Gladiator,” fans from all over the world partnered with ZAYDE WØLF to tell their own inner Gladiator stories through short videos. Saugerties, New York’s Scott Weaver submitted a video of how he had to dig deep to overcome an injury to get back to playing basketball HERE , San Francisco’s Ian Sadler finds his inner Gladiator skateboarding through the city HERE, Malaysian MMA fighter Jace Law found inner strength and discipline through fighting HERE . “The songs are helping people in all different ways” says Burnett. “For a song to start in one place and then connect all over the world to people who speak very little English is wild. These people reach out to me daily and say they are impacted by these songs in ways that turn their week around for better, or the songs lead them to rethink a hard situation…and that’s powerful and humbling to me.”

“Rule the World” is the latest single from ZAYDE WØLF’s forthcoming sophomore album Modern Alchemy due out this summer. The album name, derived from the medieval chemistry of converting poor metals into gold, is about pushing yourself into something greater than where you came from or how people may have defined you. This is a topic very close to home from Burnett, who grew up in Metropolis, a small town in Illinois best known for its fictional son, Clark Kent. The riverfront factory town is a shell of what it used to be, and the level of success Burnett has achieved, both personally and professionally, is beyond what anything he ever imagined.

“Rule the World” contains ZAYDE WØLF’s signature anthemic chorus’ and powerful cinematic drums. Conceptually the song deals with the complications around the idea of the American Dream. In a culture of oversharing, we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others and their achievements, dangling that unreachable carrot of "success"  in front of our faces. The irony here, and of the American Dream in general, is that the real achievement is in the journey and the struggle.

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Nashville’s Brandy Zdan has released “Get to You” the second single from her forthcoming album Secretear  out May 11 on Tallest Man Records. The first single ”I Want Your Trouble” released in March has garnered Zdan comparisons to female rockers who write big hooks like Chrissie Hynde and the GoGo’s.

“Clearly drawing inspiration from 70s and 80s pop groups like Talking Heads and The Go Gos, “I Want Your Trouble” is going to have you toe-tapping along to its every beat. With its perfect combination of electric guitar strums and drum hits, “I Want Your Trouble” has all the satisfying elements of the perfect rock n’ roll tune.”  - East of 8th

The Beatles inspired “Get to You”  is a song about unrequited love. It was the very first song written for the album and happens to be Zdan’s personal favorite. Zdan co-produced  Secretear with Teddy Morgan, and recruited My Morning Jacket's Tom Blankenship and Carl Broemel to play on the record.  For this record Zdan shed a lot of her personal skin and her musical past, letting go of those things that held her back from being the best version of herself. The Juno award nominee went back to her rock roots with this album,  and decided to put everything on the line,  so much so that she blew out her voice and ran her fingers raw from playing guitar the first week of recording. Leading into this album release Zdan has been on the road winning over some tough crowds of guitar and blues purists, opening for Doyle Bramhall and then touring with the legendary Buddy Guy.

“Zdan played electric guitar and sang, while accompanied only by a drummer. And while she was playing the blues, it brought back fond memories of another famous guitar-drum duo, The White Stripes.”  - California Rocker


Zdan will be performing Secretear in full at Douglas Corner in Nashville on May 11th. Her band for the show will feature Carl Broemel (guitar, pedal steel) and Tom Blankenship (bass) of My Morning Jacket, and Aaron Haynes of The Texas Gentlemen (drums). The show is free with RSVP. More details can be found HERE