Los Angeles musician, songwriter and producer Dan Sadin, pronounced “say-den,”  born Danny Sadin Schnair, has released “The Way That It Hurts,” the first single from his debut EP. Dan is a seasoned musician, currently best known for his work with electro pop band Frenship, with whom he records and tours with as their guitarist. As a seasoned player and a songwriter he has co-written and played on RIAA Platinum certified tracks and albums for artists such as Sabrina Claudio, Jessie Ware,  Frenship, MØ and more.  

“The Way That It Hurts” : YouTube / Soundcloud

As a long time studio musician, band member, and sideman, Sadin knew that forging his own artistic path was going to be a fresh start with an opportunity to show the world his honest, most authentic self. The material for this project was born from short breaks between long tours, and Sadin found himself returning  to the music of artists he grew up listening to like Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen. In naming the project, he knew very quickly that he would adopt his maternal grandfather’s name: Sadin (pronounced “say-den”). His grandfather was an arranger for swing bands in the Chicago swing era and wrote music for Walt Disney. Memories, in the form of finger scratches on the family grand piano, remain from the days his Grandfather owned the piano. Dan has his Grandpa Sadin’s original sheet music from 1929 hanging above his bed, so taking on the name “Sadin” felt like a way to honor both his family legacy and his own values.

“The Way That is Hurts,” was the first song to come together for this EP. This song, like most great songs, is a break up song. Dan went through a romantic breakup, a band break up, and then went on to travel the world with Frenship, not leaving him a ton of time to process the loss. “The Way That It Hurts” is a cathartic outpouring in the form of big guitars and a sweeping chorus.

The majority of the material on the EP is written from life experiences, but as art is a reflection of the world we live in Dan and collaborator Colyer penned the poignant “Lost on Nothing,” an observation of a divided country tearing itself apart with no solution in sight. “In this song, we tried to explore both sides of the story,” says Dan. “It’s mind boggling that each side feels the same way about the other and yet there is no common ground to be found. The saddest part is, we all want the same things in the end. That’s why to us, it felt like this whole country has gotten lost on absolutely nothing—simple misunderstanding, an inability to see the bigger picture, unable to empathize with or be compassionate towards our neighbors.”

Dan is currently on the road playing guitar with Frenship and has opened for them as a solo act Dan Sadin on select dates, with the next stop being in Boise, ID at the Neurolux on May 1.


The Way That It Hurts

Here Comes The Heartbreak

Edge Of the Dark

Lost On Nothing