Right on time for the Super Bowl, Nashville’s ZAYDE WØLF, releases the larger than life anthem, “Gladiator.”  Dustin Burnett, the Grammy nominated, chart topping mastermind behind ZAYDE WØLF, says it’s the sound of his inner, “unhinged, grungy teenager.”

Zayde WØLF has built a reputation among fans for making music that inspires and motivates. In fact, if you’re any kind of sports fan, there’s more than just a chance you’ve heard a ZAYDE WØLF song before, during, or after any or all of these national pro club games:  NCAA, NFL,  NBA, NHL and the Olympics. His music empowers die hard followers to amass millions of streams and video views.

A few examples of fans’ reactions to the music are as follows: “kept me sane during #HurricaneIrma thanks to my trusty (not stupid to still have) #ipod”(@AwesomeBarnhart),  and that, “It gives me hope! Can't wait to listen. My hubby and bestie stayed up to watch the storm and listened to you”  (@stepmomlauren).

Fans also express that listening empowers them, saying, “Your music always makes me feel like I want to fly! It inspires me everyday! Thank you for your amazing songs! Let's fly higher than high!”(@TrangTVOffical), and, “that song is dope, but that's generally how I feel with everyone of your songs. They make me walk with confidence” (@FraustoFilms).

But ZAYDE WØLF’s music has more impact than the initial feels of self belief. Going beyond the music’s platform of empowerment to ignite positive change, his songs have been requested in an anti-bullying film. Parents have reached out to say thank you for making music that comforted their autistic children, and one particularly poignant story came from a 14 year-old girl who always wanted to get into boxing, but was so intimidated by the gym that she got anxiety attacks.  With ZAYDE WØLF’s music as her main source of motivation, she was able conquer her fear and now trains regularly.  The girl’s Mother also noted ZAYDE WØLF’s song, “Brave,” as her main source of inspiration after losing a child. She has started boxing with her daughter and will now be walking out to “Brave,” when she herself, goes to fight her first boxing match.

All of these stories are the driving force for Burnett to keep on creating. Hearing from his fans that his art can impact their lives in these ways, is his biggest motivator.


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