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“As guitar strums keeps us locked in a steady, pulsing rhythm, we are gently guided into a hazy, dreamy atmosphere of ever-building, passionate emotion, all grounded by Belmont’s piercing, present voice.” - Ones to Watch

London’s Belle Mt. has released “Loving You” through Nashville label LV Music. “Loving You” which is currently featured on the Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist is the follow up to “Hollow,” the second song musician Matt Belmont released under the Belle Mt. moniker. Upon its release “Hollow” jumped to over 500K streams on Spotify which lead to a very warm and packed welcome at on his first U.S. show at the Basement in Nashville this fall.

Belle Mt.  [Spoken; Belle-Mont] is a project that conceived during a withdrawal Matt took from public performances and releases between 2014 and 2016. During this time he dedicated himself to introspective periods of songwriting development, beginning a journey musically and geographically as he wrote, co-wrote and produced. His current sound started to develop on a self-imposed retreat to a friends’ unfinished family home to write in solitude at the foothills of the French alps. There, Matt started experimenting with sounds that mirrored his surroundings and the mountain views out of his makeshift studio window.The resulting sonics were ethereal productions for songs and developing the basis of a more cinematic and epic sound.

This new music made it’s way into the hands of Nashville based Grammy award winning producer and LV Music label owner; Femke Weidema. Femke’s production background includes being a collaborator of prolific film music composer Hans Zimmer, this leads to a deep knowledge of rich layering & the creation of dramatic soundscapes. The two found a very deep musical connection that has resulted in a partnership which brings a unique writing and production style to the project, steeped in layered ambience and depth. Working out of home project studios on a shoestring budget, 8 songs were written and demoed in that first 10 day trip, including the soul piercingly gorgeous “Loving You.” “It’s a song about human relationships,” says Matt. “love, turmoil and an admission that sometimes life hits us with emotional choices for which our actions carry a lot of weight of consequence. One of my most profound realizations was that we’re all just making it up as we go along and sometimes we fuck up by taking things for granted or saying things we instantly regret. The line ‘I can’t even help myself, so how do I handle someone else’ is a reflection on adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it; it’s definitely one of the most honest [songs] I’ve ever written.”

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