“The Dan Sadin EP trembles and aches, like aftershocks of an altogether damaging, merciless earthquake."B-Sides & Badlands

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Dan Sadin is excited to announce the release of his debut solo self-titled EP. Best known for being the guitarist in electropop band FRENSHIP, his debut solo EP is raw, honest and filled with tender, heart-swelling lyrics.

In addition to working with FRENSHIP regularly, he has co-written and played on tracks with artists including Sabrina Claudio, Jessie Ware, Frenship, MØ and more. As a guitarist, producer and songwriter, Sadin felt it was important to explore his vulnerability and dug deep into his rock roots for this project, having grown up listening to artists like Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen. His songs are an honest exploration of where the music we currently listen to comes from and an original take on where it can go. In fact, Sadin does what  very few artists are willing to do: disregard current music trends in an effort to stay true to his roots and openly connect with his most important musical inspirations.

“It’s almost instinctual – that feeling of dread when we know the relationship is over and how it’s only a matter of time before the glass shatters. LA artist Dan Sadin is channeling that darkness into something a little sweeter today with ‘Here Comes The Heartbreak’...With this in mind, Sadin plucks soft strings with bitter intent, bearing the heavy weight of a heart breaking in real time.

All Things Go

The material for this self-explorative EP was taken from a critical time in Sadin’s life. Fresh from a romantic and band break up, he went on to travel the world with Frenship, not leaving him a ton of time to process the loss. “The Way That It Hurts” is a cathartic outpouring in the form of big guitars and a sweeping chorus. Girl Underground Music said of the track, “The repetitive and progressive strumming hails from the end of the glam era of rock, as Sadin’s musical breaks revives the modern approach of the track.” The second single, “Here Comes The Heartbreak” is a deeply personal track about expressing gratitude for someone who’d changed his life, even if their relationship didn’t work. In “Lost on Nothing,” written alongside his close friend and collaborator, Colyer, he reflects on the struggle of seeing his country divided and tearing itself apart while feeling powerless in coming up with a sustainable solution.

The material emmenates sincerity and results in a unique musical style seamlessly intertwined  in vulnerability. Of the EP Sadin says, “I needed to create the music I’ve been looking for. I had to capture the voice I needed to hear. This EP is me: my experiences, my relationships and my feelings. There’s nothing to hide behind. The fear of being this open and exposed has held me back from doing this for a long time. But if I truly want something, I have to be willing to try and create it for myself and this EP is the start of that journey.”


Photos, Bio etc.: http://smarturl.it/DanSadinPR