Laura Escudé’s journey comes full circle with the release of Transmute, the four song EP that documents Escudé’s  intimate journey into finding her own voice. Transmute is out today worldwide on all major digital retailers and streaming services.

“....she is crafting her own unique blend of electronica and classical music which she calls “future classical” - Earmilk

Laura Escudé is the epitome of an innovator. She is an artist, a producer, a CEO and the world’s most in demand controllerist and live show designer. She possesses a deep understanding of complex technology, a passion for music and art and a unique talent for fusing the two.  She was the world's very first certified Ableton expert and trainer. Her work with Ableton has led to her to working with artists like Logic, Miguel, Kanye West, Jay Z, Porter Robinson, Herbie Hancock, Charli XCX, Drake, Bon Iver and more. The demand for her work and time led to her starting her company Electronic Creatives - of which she is the CEO. Electronic Creatives is made up a team of top tier programmers, hired and trained by Escudé to serve the company’s  A-List client roster which now includes The Weeknd, Harry Styles,Camila Cabello, Vic Mensa, Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi, Iggy Azalea, Garbage, Charli XCX, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Selena Gomez and more.

Escudé has previously recorded and released music under the Alluxe moniker, and the Transmute EP is the very first body of work she is releasing under her name. In addition to her own work she has been commissioned for remixes by artists such as M83, Polica and Mr. Hudson. Her violin playing can be heard on “Watch the Throne,” on Hit-Boy’s mixtape, Big Grams, Kanye’s Dark Fantasy Tour. This new music retains her signature sound, a unique and intricate blend of classical and electronic music, and showcases her mastery in both worlds, as classically trained violinist and master technologist.

“In order to really understand the complexities and genuine music crafting that she is doing, you’ll have to immerse yourself into her work.” - Noisey

Transmute starts off with  “Control,” released as a single earlier this fall. The song examines the turmoil Escudé experienced of trying to control every aspect of her multifaceted life. To remain in control created stress and sickness, giving up control meant chaos. With the title of one of the world’s most in-demand live show designers Escudé was always on edge about doing and achieving more. It is when she surrendered control  that she started to make a shift away from things - relationships, substances, obligations – that didn’t serve her.

The EP’s powerful title track features pounding percussion and Escudé’s ethereal vocals and lyrics like “Don’t hold me down, it’s all in my head,” that she repeats realizing  her fears of not reaching her potential is what was holding her back from making her dreams a reality. The third track “Awaken” is Escudé not only realizing but embracing her new found freedom away from the mental roadblocks that had been hindering her from being her best self.  Her fears of regret and unlived potential are now in the past and Escudè learned to express the emotions she had long repressed while trying to fit into the hyper-masculine music industry. She has found a balance between the masculine dedication to duty and the feminine ability to simply be present. Transmute is a declaration of everything previously unexpressed. The screaming thoughts that once tormented her are here finally expressed with courage and grace.

Throughout her entire career Escudé has been deeply dedicated to education and to teaching her craft to up and coming artists and producers, especially to women who are very underrepresented in the production space. She is a frequent guest lecturer at conferences and major universities all over the world. This fall alone she was a featured speaker at the Ableton Loop conference (see her Ableton ONE Series HERE), was a featured mentor for Red Bull’s Hack the Hits program, Spotify’s CO.LAB Series and the Berklee School of Music’s Signature Series. She also announce early enrollment for the “TRANSMUTE” online course, which is made up of curriculum she has been for over a year.  TRANSMUTE is the 8 week online accelerator for artists experienced in Ableton Live who are ready to transform their live performance. It was designed to empower artists to be in total control of their live show. The course not only leads artists through interactive modules on how to become self-reliant, but teaches them how to leverage a niche community for continuous growth and how to embrace a new-found creative process led by Ableton's first Certified Trainer Laura Escudé.

“Part of Escudé’s goal with Transmute is to make the art of live programming more accessible for musicians from all walks of life -- especially women, who remain underrepresented in the industry.” - Billboard


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