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NEXT CItY, formed in the heart of Los Angeles, California, is the brainchild of renowned actor, vocalist and musician Samuel Larsen, best known for his work on Glee as Joe Hart and his supporting role in the current hit film After, based on the novel by Anna Todd that became a worldwide phenomenon. Larsen always had a strong passion for true rock n’ roll and it inspired him to start a band rooted deep in garage rock grit, layered over a foundation steeped in groove. His vision began taking shape when he met guitarist Philip Paulsen on tour and the two wrote the band’s debut single “Blue Star” together. Rounded out by the unwavering rhythm section of bassist Nick Diiorio and drummer Ben Brinckerhoff, the quartet has come together to perfect their brand of guitar-driven rock influenced by heavy hitters like Death From Above 1979, The Dead Weather, and Queens of the Stone Age, all while encompassing the electric energy of funk driven pop music that takes its cues from Prince and Michael Jackson.

As the main songwriters for the band, Larsen and Paulsen most commonly write as a synergetic experience. Growing up, they were both inspired to become musicians by listening to the music of AC/DC and Elvis Presley. Combining catchy hooks with soaring guitar riffs and Larsen’s vocals, the two came together to create music that aligns with their personal taste and focus.

NEXT CItY has a unique way of fusing their experimental energy with the modern era of rock n’ roll. With fuzzy, funk-tinged guitars and pocket beats, their sound is familiar on the ears, yet unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. They’re making their sonic assault on the world with the release of their debut single “Blue Star” inspired by the dichotomy between the dream vs.  reality of Hollywood and how it can be the ultimate fantasy, but also a nightmare. They’ve recently written a record of honest and soulful tracks they hope bring fans excitement, inspiration, escapism and newfound energy. Larsen said “I've always loved how music can make you face your feelings while also helping you escape them at the same time. I want our songs to do just that, as well as make you want to move. I want people to feel confident when our songs are on.”

NEXT CITY – Lineup  

Samuel Larsen - Vocals

Philip Paulsen - Guitar

Nick Diiorio - Bass

Ben Brinckerhoff - Drums