The Smoking Flowers



Pyramids are some of the most mystical, powerful and protective structures in the history of the earth. For The Smoking Flowers, made of East Nashville-based artists Kim and Scott Collins, writing, recording and producing 2018’s rock-oriented Let's Die Together and their forthcoming acoustic album Snowball Out of Hell was like erecting a personal pyramid for the band. Both albums were conceived during Kim's battle with and triumph over an aggressive form of breast cancer. Snowball Out Of Hell showcases the softer side of the band’s sound, and is an ode to standing united against life’s toughest challenges.

With the creation of a pyramid, three cornerstones are required. The songs “(Still) Here For You Now” (a love letter from Scott to Kim), “Let's Die Together” (a love letter to each other) and “One Friend” (a love letter to a friend) were those cornerstones. "Those songs gave us immense strength, purpose and protection during a rough time in our lives,” the band explains. “Every time we play any of those songs in our live shows, we keep adding stones ... building that pyramid higher." Kim's breast cancer is in remission today due to only using holistic and alternative methods and a raw food diet (no chemotherapy, no radiation, no hormones). In the wake of this experience, Kim and Scott took life by the reins and hit the road in their vintage Volvo 240 station wagon, touring across America and Canada for three years. With this life-altering experience to draw upon and years of intense touring under their belt, the couple then tapped even deeper into their raw rock, punk and folk roots in the composition of their companion albums Let's Die Together and Snowball Out of Hell. The urgency present in these recordings is undeniable, a true story of love and triumph.       

 With influences that range from Led Zeppelin to Gillian Welch, and The Ramones to Neil Young, The Smoking Flowers' chemistry is palpable as Kim dances between strings and percussion while Scott plays electric and acoustic guitar, and harmonica--she delivers her own sensual, simmering vocals, while his is the voice of a feisty, gin-battered, heart-on-sleeve, hardscrabble troubadour. The Collinses, who founded charitable organization The Treasure Chest, continue to be activists and advocates for holistic and alternative medicine and healing. Their music and lives have been an influence on many East Nashville artists, being early pioneers of the now popular underground scene. With their passion, determination, and undeniable talent, The Smoking Flowers are, and continue to be, a formidable force.